Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Study shows no one likes the idea of women asking men to marry them


Society has changed a lot over the years. Whereas decades ago it would have been unthinkable for a woman to ask a man out on a date, these days, progressive women are taking charge left and right.

But one thing society isn’t ready for: women proposing marriage to a man. In a study of college students at U.C. Santa Cruz, a “liberal” environment if ever there was one, not a single student, male or female, said they “definitely” wanted the woman to propose. Although 2.8 percent of the women asked said they would kinda, sorta want to propose, not a single man was cool with being asked. Guess our society just isn’t ready for some things. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

My first reaction is that if women are biting dudes nuts off, running over husbands for not voting, and beating their significant other down for finishing first in bed I dunno who is seriously thinking about getting married.


Seriously though I used to do all that gentlemanly shit like paying for dinner, and holding open door, trying to help older ladies up the stairs with bags until I heard a few talk that I was oppressing women by doing so.  I am all about equality. Women and men are equals in my eyes but I live in a fantasy world of course:

  1. I’ve never  met a dude who  has accused a women of sexual harassment. Actually last week a women slap my friend’s ass  in the workplace and it was all cool. If I slapped a woman’s ass at work I just may get lynched I’m the only negro on this floor.
  2. A women has never given me a ride home and asked to come up stairs only for me to say: “You know I don’t know you yet, we may be having sex and my back might hurt and I wont be able to death stroke you and you might bite my nuts off.
  3. A women has never said to me or any of the guys I know or have ever met in 30 years of living:  “Let me pay for that!” or I got Dinner tonight, or “let me buy you a very strong drink to better my chances of getting in your pants tonight.
  4. Is there a man who was proposed to with a diamond engagement ring ?

I want all that to change. I want someone to pay for my dinner and expect me to put out. I need to do more cardio anyways.

Ok Seriously

Joking aside I don’t see whats the big deal ! If someone wants to ask to date me or after dating me wants to marry me and proposes I wouldn’t give a shit. I think  when it comes to gender equality while we can address legislation that perpetuates gender biases, we have to address the mindset and the many ways it manifests itself socially, linguistically, and culturally in our society if we want things to change.

Just my take on stuff. Anyways check out these videos they are funny and make me laugh when I was not supposed to be 🙂


  1. I’ve found that a lot of women want the benefits of equality without actually doing the work of equality. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a woman utter, “That’s a man’s job,” and it really pisses me off. Most women are just as capable as men yet feel that they should not have to do certain things just because it’s something a man customarily does. It’s bullshit.

    Ugh. Rant over…


    • TarnsZ

      Your Awesome! You are for the past year and change almost 2 years my number one commenter. I was blown away that you commented on this post its old and I don’t even remember writing it!!! Of course once the shackles were bound and I was stripped of my freedom food and materials were bought for me the same way they are for those wild animals in captivity.

      (I’m being over dramatic sorry)


      • Lol, I love your posts…even the old ones. Just haven’t been able to comment much recently since I’ve been working 55 hrs a week for the past month (and a 45 min commute each way on top of that). Hopefully I’ll be able to stop by your blog a little more…I’m tryin’!


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