MrMary Pumps Iron: A Great Holiday Gift For the Man in Your life

Overly Dramatic made for TV Intro

You don’t know when it happened, but suddenly you’re winded going up some steps.  You used to at some point maybe in college or high school be an athlete but those days are long gone as your panting let’s you know. You work longer hours, you have more responsibilities, more bill and headaches. Luckily you have some pretty lady in your life who helps you keep it together. She is very nice and comforting about how winded you get during. If like many, men you find yourself in this position you need to do something quick. And guess what, it’s not a special diet, its  not a special workout out of some super glossy magazine. First Off don’t panic or worry I’m here to help. For the low low price of $19.99  Pick up my introductory DVD. In it you will learn 5 easy steps to change your life around.


Seriously Now

A lot of guys I’ve met in the gym, have been in this situation. I have been in this situation. I was the same weight as when I was recreationally bodybuilding back in college but my percent body fat was higher. I wasn’t getting winded but I remember trying to lift something that I couldn’t that wasn’t that heavy and that woke me the fuck up to what was happening.

As a dude gets older his testosterone  levels drops and there are many other physiological, psychological, and environmental changes that forces one to to have to re-evaluate staying healthy and what it means for them.  I for instance was putting away tons of beer and because I was working to many hours and always on the go I ate a lot of fast food. I wasn’t sleeping much either. All in all I was fucking myself up.

The reality of it

Once I was determined to make a change it wasn’t so difficult to get back in decent shape. I am lucky in that I like to go to the gym and work out till I vomit. But that’s not everyone. With that being the case though there are simple practical applicable guidelines I think if followed can really start things changing in the opposite direction.  These are just observations of mine that I have noticed worked well for a lot of the guys I know and myself. I thought I would share it with all of you:

The Basic Stuff

  1. Eating Regular Meals
  2. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day
  3. resting

This may sound really dumb, but I don’t know many guys who do all of this sufficiently. In our day an age if we are not too careful we can find ourselves always busy. Resting means in many ways letting our brain, our eyes, the totality of our body and mind rest and recover from the many stresses we put on them. It doesn’t mean sitting and doing nothing. You’d be surprised what 15 min twice a day sitting down with your eyes closed and trying to clear your mind can do.  We have a strange definition of rest in America and I feel we need to   address it and see it for what it is.

Some not so basic stuff

  1. Drink water as the primary drink
  2. Eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice
  3. Remove fast food from your diet

Of course there are many simple things like this and many others that are very much common sense.  I think if your living with your significant other these are many things that you can help them do the simple things. I found that when i wanted to eat better if my lady at the time was eating better or wanted to it was much easier.  I spent a whole year trying to go back to the basics. Cutting out what wasn’t important for me to do, preparing lunches. Just by doing the basics I have built a great foundation that allows me to make serious gain in the gym.

indexI think one of the best gifts I got to in 2012 was a gym membership. I think if you are in a loving relationship you cannot underestimate the gift of good health for yourself and your significant other. The reason I wrote this post was because I saw a college friend of mine and this mutha-fucker is 300 lbs easy. He knows he is out of shape and cannot play with his two boys because he gets winded. He eats with the vigor of Liberace at an all the dick you can eat buffet, and drinks about 2- 4 beers a day. He asked me what is a good diet he can follow or if any of those pills work they advertise on TV.   I told him other than Cialis nothing is going to help him.

He has to sweat it out. I invited him to work out with me. We can lift weight together do some interval training, be trainer partners, but he didn’t accept even though I gave him the 18 gun promise.I told him very amiably that he should rush home and look to see if he still has a pair when he get home because maybe it might have mutated in a dirty sweaty fucking ,… well you get the idea. I thought I would put this post out there and see what fucking happens.

2012-12-03 15.35.15
The 18”+ gun salute. This is what my 18-gun promise guarantee is backed up by

5 thoughts on “MrMary Pumps Iron: A Great Holiday Gift For the Man in Your life

  1. This is great advice. Particularly ‘the basics.’ They ARE basic, but they’re important.

    I don’t think I’d give a gym membership as a gift, unless I knew the person really wanted one. I think that any lifestyle change, whether it be getting in shape, quitting smoking or drinking, etc., has to be internally initiated by the person doing the changing. If you’re doing it for someone else, it’s that much harder.

    Having said that, you’ve given an excellent argument for why someone should WANT it.


    1. I totally agree with you ! Someone very close to me got me the membership and they new I was looking for something to get me back on the ball and get my life together. it really helped with many things I must say
      The basic are super important. i think for a while I just scoffed at them but in fact they are super important to maintaining a balanced life


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