Hannukkah Just Got Gangsta !!! Put deez latkes in yo mouth & like it

My peoples!!!

Wassup. One thing I have always loved about NYC was the diversity of people I get to interact with daily. I have had many Jewish friends over the years. I think there is a historical precedent that allows blacks and jews to get along real well.  There was a great documentary on PBS  called “From Swastika to Jim Crow” that document the complex relationships between Blacks and Jews in the US. Click the link and check it out.


I always felt a lil bad that during Christmas my homies were just schlepping around bored stiff. I always wanted to do something  for my Jewish friends that didn’t involve Manischewitz, weed, or following  restrictive over-bearing rules about male female interactions. During either Christmas or Hanukkah. I thought let’s for a day put aside the kosher rules for a bit, hit up the strip clubs and get a taste of some real meat.

But thankfully it never panned out. (That kinda meat expires too quickly) Most of my Jewish friends were not conservative, so during Hanukkah when I did in fact see them we cut class and drank Grey Goose Mandarin Orange at school and like many other things we left the strip club thing for another time. I had given up pimping out Hanukkah or Christmas with my Jewish friends until I saw this video below.

Check it out !!

Addendum:  Someone told me that this was a racist video ? I see it as quite comical. Do any of my Jewish readers see this as racist ? This was the blurb that came with the video:

I added this cool latke image myself
I added this cool latke image myself

Looking for a sweet blue-haired granny to teach you how to make latkes for Hanukkah? You won’t find her in this totally NSFW video. What you will find are Jaquann and Luis, two potty-mouthed LA gangsters who discover they’re from the same tribe and fry up some latkes together. Ode to the American melting pot? Jaw-droppingly, stereotypically offensive? Either way, it’s mind-bendingly fantastic. Even the folks over at Jewlicious.com love these self-proclaimed dreidel-spinning, menorah-lighting gangbangers, so it must be kosher. Grab a switchblade and “O.J. Simpson” those potatoes!


12 thoughts on “Hannukkah Just Got Gangsta !!! Put deez latkes in yo mouth & like it

  1. One of my favorite books is “The Color of Water” by James McBride…. It is a memor of sorts…he tells the story of his Southern Jewish mother who marries a black man (McBride’s father) moves to Harlem, raises children, etc. it’s a GREAT book!


  2. OMG….that video is hysterical. Peeling the potato with a switchblade? Priceless. I’m not Jewish, but I love latkes. Love them!


      1. I’m not an applesauce kind of a girl… so, just sour cream… sometimes I even add tabasco… but, I have been known to add tabasco to many, many things, LOL.


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