I’m glad we listened to George Orwell’s final Warning

abuseI voted for the first time this last election and while I am happy that things clicked enough for voting to make sense but I have been haunted by a bad feeling. I am in part responsible for all the innocent lives lost when our President summoned his drone army to do the country’s bidding. When allies or people whose allegiance we pay for  commit some atrocity to humanity I am partly responsible. As education I feel continues to be driven by corporate interest I am partly responsibly. I have never felt that things had to be that way. I still question at times the  extent to which we can really effectuate change. There are many troubling things I see around the world and home. The gradual loss of civil liberties and the governmental surveillance, the disappearance of privacy. Ultimately a country that uses such advanced technologies to surveillance and police will use the same means to spy on it’s citizens.

It’s not just because I am extremely cynical that I believe there are strong dystopian elements that shape and mold our society. I see it happen all around day after day year after year. The dystopian elements and their subsequent spheres of influence (chinese historical reference) expand their reach.


Happiness can exist only in acceptance.
George Orwell


1984 Cartoon

3 thoughts on “I’m glad we listened to George Orwell’s final Warning

  1. Maybe this makes me irresponsible and unpatriotic, but I haven’t voted since the millennium. Two reasons: 1) thanks to the electoral college, which is outdated and archaic, my vote doesn’t really matter, and 2) when this country goes to shit, I rest well knowing I didn’t push it that direction.


  2. I haven’t voted in am election since the millennium. One reason is that the outdated and archaic electoral college has ensured that my vote doesn’t matter (even though we have the technology for every cast vote to be counted now). The other reason is so when this country goes to shut, I can rest assured that I didn’t push it in that direction. If I knew my vote counted, I would certainly cast my vote and get involved in political matters.


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