Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Women prefer scrawny weaklings thin men are hot and square jaws are not

For women seeking sperm, thin men are hot and square

jaws are not


According to new research, women are less interested in the features that denote high testosterone levels and are falling for slim-hipped dudes less likely to drop dead before the kids are out of college. The choices of ovulating women asked to rate men of various sizes and face shapes suggested weight was a far greater factor in their preferences than masculine features. The women favored thinness “because of its strong association with health and immunity,” said research scientist Vinet Coetzee, of South Africa’s University of Pretoria. [Source]

Or as another article put it

Women prefer scrawny weaklings, new research shows


Nice guys finish last, as the old saying goes, but it’s the scrawny guys who get the girl. A new study conducted at the University of Tennessee suggests that women aren’t enamored by incredible hulks with killer biceps after all, and haven’t been for some time. Rather, it’s traits such as loyalty and generosity that capture their hearts. The research postulates that Alpha males once ruled the roost, but over time, Beta males got hip and adjusted, and began to focus their energies on a single woman. While Mr. Alpha continued to play the field, women began to prefer the more committed and protective Beta man.

MrMary Weighs In


Man all that working out for nothing, and the McRib isnt even back, my life and this  t-shirt is a lie! 😦 Seriously though when I started working out it wasn’t to pick up chicks.

My friends and I have noticed though that really effeminate guys are all the rage nowadays. Like I saw a couple on the F train they could wear the same jeans and they both had manicures, the guy had his eyebrows done. I’m not against grooming and personal hygiene and all that fun stuff. I feel do whatever makes you happy.

What I am reflecting on is the fact that the definitions of masculinity and femininity have changed much since i was a kid. When I was younger you were either a boy or a girl. Your bits and pieces determined your gender. I remember back in the day at least where I came from at least the biggest insult was to call another dude gay or say he was feminine. Father’s everywhere would tell their son’s be ma man don’t cry or I’ll make you wear a dress.  You weren’t expected to  be macho but you had to look like no one could bitch you around. You had to be able to protect your girl/sister/ brother/friend in case of a fight.

Things Change

I don’t see it really. I thin both studies need to define what’s thin and what  considered overly muscular. For Example I can see why ladies would thing that this is scary:

At close to 300lbs ripped, I’m betting very few women have asked him for it harder

But professional body-builders (not the natural ones) are on the juice so that explains the excess testosterone.  The titles of these articles are a bit over the top too I mights add I have seen the same story reported as women prefer skinny men over macho men.

So ultimately ladies can you shed some light on this ? I’d love to have your opinion ? Is this why a lot of women my in their late forties and early 50’s hit on me a lot – because they don’t like skinny dudes ?

MrMary out



  1. Huh. I don’t know about any of the other women out there, but I definitely don’t want a scrawny looking man. Of course, I don’t want a body builder either. Interesting concept though lol.
    We studied this is psychology, and talked about how women used to want bigger men to protect their young but that now women want educated guys who make a lot of money to support them. Maybe that has something to do with it? Idk.


  2. Dave, you are a pleasant middle ground. I think excessive testosterone scares women because it leads to hormonal rage. There is nothing sexier than a smart, fit, reasonably sweet man. You are doing just fine, my friend.


  3. I’ve read about that study too.You are right about the roles being less defined today. Maybe because when you were supposed to ‘be a man’ it was appealing to women because men portrayed the protective role. However, it also eliminated the vulnerability that allows men to be emotionally open. So, with evolution we don’t need to be protected physically as much anymore and our need to connect is probably stronger now that the need to survive is less prevalent. I just read that women’s sex organ is their brain, while a man’s is his penis. So, perhaps until we are in real danger again, emotional connection trumps. However, a nice body isn’t a bad thing to throw into the mix. I’d say it gives you best of both worlds.


  4. Nope. Scrawny weaklings won’t do it for me. Give me someone like Chris Hemsworth of “Thor” and nothing else will ever matter . 🙂

    Women in their 40s and 50s hit on you a lot?! Wow. you must be that awesome in person, MrMary.

    Is that you now in the photo above? Looking fine, pal.


  5. Scrawny doesn’t do it for me, but I have to say that women will usually ascertain the whole man. I mean education, sense of humor, kindness, earning potential and all that is important too gets taken into the equation. But if all else is equal, I’ll go for the guy with the muscle every time. Not crazy body builder style, but like Hugh Jackman or something in the Wolverine movie.


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