Only in America : An American charity pays drug addicts roughly $300 to get sterilized

An American charity that pays drug addicts to get sterilized has expanded its operation into Great Britain, and while it has so far paid only one British man to undergo the procedure, it has triggered a storm of criticism. Barbara Harris, the founder and head of Project Prevention, shrugs off the criticism of her group, which has paid 3,600 American drug addicts $300 each to get sterilized or undergo other long-term birth control procedures.

“I really don’t understand controversy or people who oppose what we do,” Harris said. “I think a lot of people should realize they’re never going to be good parents, and never have children.” “If I had enough money, there wouldn’t be any pregnancies for drug addicts,” she said.

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Are you fucking kidding me

Eugenics didn’t die with Hitler

Who does worse to society a drug addict that gets pregnant lives in street or a sociopathic Wall street exec that destroys hundreds of thousands od peoples retirements and fucks them out of a home? How about the owners of Walmart who keep a large percentage of their workers living on foodstamps ? Or a cop named Volpe who sodomizes an Haitian Immigrant with a plunger while other cops hold him down. This is complete bullshit. Maybe this fucktard’s intentions are good but come on.

America was built on the principle of starting over. So many people have had shady pasts but have been able to come here and start anew. we glorify drug use in this country look at Lindsay Lohan? Andre Aggasi , Robert Downey Jr,  Steve Fucking “Blow” Jobs (Apple products blow) I could go on.  I dunno man this is fucking awful. It doesnt treat the issue about teh availability of drugs or do anything to address teh reason why people turn to them.

Shaking my Fucking head



  1. Mr Mary, I have to ask… Aren’t these addicts at choice about the procedure? I have a cousin who has irresponsibly mothered 8 crack-babies. I would definitely pay her not to destroy another life. That is exactly what she has done through her selfish and irresponsible choices: destroyed lives. She should be mandated by courts to be sterilized. She hadn’t raised a single one of them. My sister, a labor and delivery nurse, held my cousins newborn as she withdraw from crack after being born. Now THAT is FUCKED UP.


  2. This is some scary shit. Indira Gandhi, during what’s called ‘The Emergency,’ offered a similar bounty so that folks would consent to be sterilized. However, there are very credible stories about gangs of men roaming the streets and forcing people to undergo the process.

    However, while I find the practice of paying people to sterilize them to be morally reprehensible, I think it’s legally defensible (and to a degree, morally consistent, assuming, of course, a certain morality going into it). If our reproductive choices are our own, then we have the right to sell them cheaply.


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