My latest Liebster Award & 11 Bloggers You Should be Following

I got a Liebster awards from  Ms Sexay UnderCover, I have to nominate 11 people I like and  tell you 11 things about me you didn’t know or couldn’t have guessed or imagine if you were high on PCP. First the cool people:

The Cool People I nominate:

  1. Lady from Manila  –  She is one of the sweetest people I’ve met online
  2. Ms 150 Watt Smile –  I am guessing she has tons of awards  already but wanted to still show some love to Becca, she is one of the coolest people around and I will never look at a pair of long johns the same again thanks to her
  3. Literary Tiger She liked Skyfall and is a bibliophile, what’s not to like ?
  4. WorkSpouseStoryShe is all kinds of cool and sincere and knows how to rock sexy shoes. Seriously this was one of the more interesting blogs I came to. She is just a lovely soul
  5. GreeneyedWrecksBlogHer blog is a journal and its hard not to get roped in with the simplicity of words, and her straightforward honesty
  6. cakesandshakesShe scared me for life with a picture of the octomom’s sex face and let me know that big gurls are all the rage now – that’s why I’ve been going so heavy at the gym big girls need love too
  7. asklottaReally like the problem solved stamp she uses at the end of a lot of her posts. There is a lot of cool info and things to read there. Check her out
  8. deliberatedonkey –  She is resilient and inspiring in her quest to start a new life for herself.  I think everyone should follower her , sometimes when i read her post i want to give her a big hug (yea I said that) esp the post: Really terrible. Something horrible.
  9. isawbobdylaninaspeedoCongratulate her on her new job She has a great attitude and I read her post when living from my suitcase gets on my last goddamned nerve
  10. Daan van den Bergh || He does Fucking Rock!!! – I love his sense of humor – I would down some beer with this guy – that how cool he is
  11. AliceAtWonmderland ||  The name says it all, she is cooler than she knows but I don’t tell her, because I dont want the praise to go to her head. I just admire from a distance all her cool stories and sarcastically funny comments

11 things about Me

  1. I am incredible sore, I worked out like a man possessed last night. It was a back day. I could use a back massage.
  2. I really like Tiramisu ! It’s fantastic
  3. I am a little apprehensive about flying soon. I will be taking a 6 hour flight somewhere. Last time I flew I almost bought the farm
  4. I love classical music my current favorite piece is Ravel’s Bolero orchestrated by von Karajan, 2nd Favorite would Be Paco d Lucia’s guitar part concerto de  Aranjuez.
  5. I don’t and have not watched many movies. Chances are if you are bout to quote from a movie.
  6. The only reason I keep this blog and haven’t returned to my old one is the love  I get here and the freedom to be myself however that manifests itself.
  7. I haven’t taken a vacation in 7 years and I’m burned out beyond belief. I am going to have a 2 week break soon in about a month. Hopefully this is the beginning of me going on some legendary-adventures.
  8. My favorite tenor in terms of range and ability to convey subtlety is Jussi Bjorling.
  9. My parents used to screen every thing I read because they felt that if I read the wrong thing I wouldn’t finish school and would be a vagrant. They had a feeling I was a rabble-rouser
  10. I do not own or have seen any accolades plaques or achievements I got in school from Elementary to Highschool because they do not belong to me they belong to my father because he undertook the sacrifice of coming to this country so that I can succeed. And though I earned a scholarship to prep school his money paid for the  remaining tuition my scholarship didn’t cover.
  11. I don’t warm up or reheat left overs or any food that was once cooked in the fridge. I just eat them like that. Btw I cannot stand sardines, when thing were bad I had to eat them out of the can with some crappy bread. The smell of can sardines makes me sick

16 thoughts on “My latest Liebster Award & 11 Bloggers You Should be Following

    1. Hey Suzanita,

      It’s always so lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the luck I dont wanna get sick or worse in the plane. I would drink but it would aggravate my condition go figure :/ . How are you doing ? What’s popping where you are, what’s shaking and baking ?


      1. You want to drink just enough that you’ve got a buzz going, but right before you become a nuisance and get kicked off the plane at 32,000 feet. It’s a fine line, and I’ve not been successful at walking it before, so if you’re successful please let me know.

        Me busier than a two-peckered billy goat in heat, so haven’t had much time to blog. A vacation that’s at least 6 hours away by plane sounds pretty good about now.


  1. I was away for one day, not knowing this pleasant surprise would be waiting for me as soon as I get back online.
    Oh MrMary, you honor me once more by including me on your list above. Your sweetest blogger is eternally grateful.
    Among the 11 things about you, #10 and #4 are my most favorites. Yes, Tiramisu is spectacularly delicious. Er, I happen to like sardines, too. 🙂
    Btw, where are you heading to for your legendary adventures, Dave?


    1. Hey Marj 🙂

      I’m glad you like the award. You really deserved it. Your blog is a really nice and redemptive in how personal it is. I’m heading to the west coast california.:-) should be nice 🙂 . Ive been craving some tiramisu sicne i started dieting lol i hope i get some soon 🙂 How do you like to eat your sardines ?



  2. You are too too too too kind D. You deserve this award just as much as the next 150 watt smile. 🙂 Thanks. Oh, and you really need to start taking vacations more often. Good for mind body and soul.


  3. Fuck yeah! Thanks a lot, dude! I didn’t even know you read my blog! Never read one comment! Why not?

    If it has to be beer we’re going to be drinking, I prefer Heineken – cause it’s brewed next to my hometown! I won’t say no to an 18yo Johnnie Walker or Chivas Regal either, btw. Just sayin’ 🙂

    Thanks for the award, bro! Tomorrow I’ll write a post to pay my respects.



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