MrMary PumpsIron & Answers: How do I figure how many calories when cutting Down (1)

Hey Guys and Dolls

I was asked today how do I figure out how many calories I should cut out of my diet when cutting down. By cutting down I mean reducing my percentage body fat. Here is how I do it

Basic Ideas

As far as my understanding or experience goes, I need to be in a calorie deficit to reduce my percentage Body fat. First I should have a clear estimate how how many calories a day I need to maintain my current weight. How do I do that?  I personally use a site similar to this one

Basically you enter your age, height, gender, exercise level etc and then they calculate  your daily caloric intake.

To maintain my weight I need to consume 3227 calories a day. If I want lose at a slow steady pace I can aim to eat 2581 calories a day. If I want to go for extreme fat loss then 2000. I keep 2500 as my upper limit. It makes it easier that way for me in my head to keep track of how many calories I am eating. Armed with this information if I know my percent body fat I am all set. For the sake of argument let’s say I’m 20% body fat. That means my lean body mass (sans fat) weighs about 200lbs and the weight of the fat in my body is 50 lbs.  I know in my head that I would need to lose 28 lbs of fat to be at a lean 20% body fat. Approximately 1lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories lost, if I scale back my calorie restriction  500 cals/day that means ideally I will lose approximately 1 lbs a week and it will take me 28 weeks to reach my target. There is more to be said especially baout amcro nutrient distrubtion but more on that later

I should note again that this is just approximate. These methods are not exact. And because I can be sued please listen up:

DISCLAIMER: Please do not follow my anything you read here. For information on dieting and working out please consult with your primary care physician who will refer you to a nutritionist that will give you professional advise. Here I am telling you the reader how I approach things. This not advise or a professional opinion. Do whatever want to do just leave me the fuck out of it. You’ve been fucking warned.


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