Shit I Tell My Therapist : Have you Ever made Bread

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority,
but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
~Marcus Aurelius


That was an interesting thanksgiving MrMary’s real first name, What is your favorite holiday ?

I  don’t think I have one

Cmon Not Even Christmas?

No, There are many different Christmas celebration. My own experience is personal, personal on the level that it would be really hard to share.

…… silence  …….

Have You ever made bread , from scratch

Yes I have why ?

Imagine you are hungry and someone gives you flour water and salt and a  pinch of sugar….


Without the yeast, without that living element,  what can you make that can nourish yourself. You need a living element otherwise a transformation wont happen that you can benefit from, that can give you some nutrition

Christmas, Thanksgiving, all those things are just like the flour salt and water, they are good in an of themselves but you need a living element that can spark the change.  I know many people who give gifts all throughout the year and still are not transformed by it. I saw one lady though working for the first time in a soup kitchen sincerely and it changed her, it made her thankful.

If during the holidays or whatever festival was going on there was change of any kind I could celebrate that, but it seems to celebrate now is fool-hardy and absurd.

——————— Silence —————–

Damn that’s really crazy for a Tuesday, maybe you can catch an episode of Seinfeld lighten the mood.


  1. I am actually watching Seinfeld right now as I catch up on all my posts!! And wish I could make bread!! Never tried….but now you give me hope.


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