MrMary @ The Movies: Skyfall & an Impromptu Reflection of beauty

I don’t know how it started, but in my house the James Bond Moves are an institution. We have seen every last one of the movies, even the one with George Lasenby that no one likes to talk about. However as much of the fan of the movies as I am I had never seen a Bond film in the theatre. Of all the incarnations of Agent 007, Sean Connery is my favourite ! I love Sean Connery I used to actually do a pretty spot on impersonation when I was in high school. However this Daniel Craig plays a really interesting Bond, he ads a complexity to him that I haven’t seen before. There is a reserve, a kind of stoic-ness, a kind of introspective. I loved Casino Royale, and I actually really like Quantum Solace. Suffice it to say I had to see Skyfall on opening Night.

SkyFall Theme

The theme is sung by Adele and is  extremely fitting for the movie. It is on the same level as:

  1. For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton
  2. Goldeneye theme sung by Tina Turner
  3. You Know My Name by Chris Cornell
  4. Live and Let Die by Sir Paul McCartney
  5. Shirley Bassey‘s “Goldfinger”,”Diamonds Are Forever”, and “Moonraker”,

I like Adele’s voice in this theme’s it’s has that sorta deep throaty sound. It’s like she is saying I have a cold. I’m to tired I don’t want to, but that no is just a subtext for how much she wants it, you remember back on all those times that no meant yes in a good way and before you know it your sucked into the story. It is very dramatic, lots of build-up, denouement and it’s very climatic too. Uhm yeah its a very good theme.

Overall Review (No Spoilers)

Since we went to some nice Manhattan theatre it was advise that we should smuggle booze into the theatre. So far  We have been smuggling Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey into the Movie Theatre. We each get a large coke mix it in our seat and can really enjoy the movie in ways we didn’t before. This made movies like Judge Dred enjoyable.

This was one of the only James Bond to memory that most of the action took place in The UK. I’m guessing after the Olympics in the UK there movie making machine thought it would be a great idea to capitalize of Nationalistic fervour in the country. There were some amazing shots of London and the moors of Scotland. The pace of the film was fast  but not rush. I found this movie to be a deconstruction of other bond movies. It in many ways goes back to the original writings and depictions of Ian Fleming.  I found this to be a wonderful rebirth of the franchise with of course many references to long time fans of the movie series.

The movie in essence deal with change. The world has changed from the 60’s. The Cold War is no longer upon is, technology is different people are different. There is indeed a tide in the affairs of men and how the characters  responding to the shifting tides in their own lives in the state of the world is what drives this movie. Javier Bardem is really good at playing bad guys and aside from being the films villain is the reckoning in many ways of the past as represented by Judi Dench’s Character M, he is the catalyst that will move the Whole Mi^ and Bond himself into a new era. There is a scene that is really funny between Bond and Bardem. I don’t want to spoil it for you.



Daniel Craig plays a very human Bond. I think seeing moments of vulnerability of introspection brings this incarnation of Bond down from the almost campy Bond we have seen before into a more accessible character.  We explore the origins of James Bond the person in this movie and it’s really interesting to have that  personal and psychological profile added; it fleshes Bond out in a way that hasn’t been done before

Bond Girls

That Brown Suga man, “ya can’t fucks widdit”. I don’t know how to compliment her look without sounding crass and uncultured. But I love the dress, well actually the dress is whatever but her in the dress is awesome. Her acting in the movie was solid. Really great stuff, unlike a lot of women I know she can drive exceptionally well and can handle a gun like a boss.  Her character really balances out that of Bonds in their scenes together; she adds a nice feminine touch which I wouldn’t mind on my

Bérénice Marlohe

Un éclair… puis la nuit! — Fugitive beauté
Dont le regard m’a fait soudainement renaître,
Ne te verrai-je plus que dans l’éternité?

Ailleurs, bien loin d’ici! trop tard! jamais peut-être!
Car j’ignore où tu fuis, tu ne sais où je vais,
Ô toi que j’eusse aimée, ô toi qui le savais!

The exotic beauty in the film. She is the iconic bond girl at the Casino who asks him of course his name. At first I though she was the reason why the sky Fell but I just spilled some soda on my lap.

She plays her part in the movie exceptionally well. I wonder what she could do with my part Your Classic bond girl, beautiful look that scream of inaccessibility, sensuality, and of course, la petite mort and non-petite . The greatest thing about beautiful is its ephemerality  and the effect that that transcient-ness  can serve as a bridge to the moment. It can project into an experience of the passage of time. Look at these words (completely off topic)  by Borges

To look at the river made of time and water
And remember that time is another river,
To know that we are lost like the river
And that faces dissolve like water.

To be aware that waking dreams it is not asleep
While it is another dream, and that the death
That our flesh goes in fear of is that death
Which comes every night and is called sleep.

This is the reason why in myth almost every hero is guided by a women goddess or Mortal, Jason and Madea, Thesus and Ariadne. Ok sorry for going off tangent. Madame Marlohe is great and everything a beauty should be in a bond film

The Opening Scene

The opening scene is tremendous gripping, action packed and visually stunning. From the landscape I imagined this took place in Turkey. I called it before the movie gave us that information. I should be working for the CIA  profiling fools.

The Villian

Very interesting villain as a hybrid computer and biology scientist. Javier Bardem really has an interesting presence on the screen and his interaction with Bond and M is very interesting.


As an action film this movie is great and very entertaining. A friends of ours went to the movie not liking the bond films or knowing much about it and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this one of best bond movies. It is exceptionally good. I really enjoyed this movie. Go out and see it.


Poem  below were referenced in the post. They are amazing in their original languages

Baudelaire’s A Une Passante

A lightning flash… then night! Fleeting beauty
By whose glance I was suddenly reborn,
Will I see you no more before eternity?

Elsewhere, far, far from here! too late! never perhaps!
For I know not where you fled, you know not where I go,
O you whom I would have loved, O you who knew it!

Jorge Luis Borges’ Arte Poetica

Mirar el río hecho de tiempo y agua
Y recordar que el tiempo es otro río,
Saber que nos perdemos como el río
Y que los rostros pasan como el agua.

Sentir que la vigilia es otro sueño
Que sueña no soñar y que la muerte
Que teme nuestra carne es esa muerte
De cada noche, que se llama sueño.

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