Showing that Blogger Love: Check out TheWayWardSpirit Blog

Lately, I have been toying a lot with the idea of working for myself again. But I am too drained and tired at the moment to really make some moves. After 5 years  working like a beast through a lot of stuff I feel burned out. However yesterday I was on the blog page of the way ward spirit and   I read a few things. She is an awesome blogger, one thing I read in particular lit a fire under my ass. It is was this page and the following quote:

One Lovely Blog Award

My college philosophy and ethics teacher Dr. Bob Sullivan wrote that I was the brightest student he ever taught in his forty years as Ivy League professor. Yet, I’ve not kept a job.

I had a few teacher say that to me and I have yet to find a job that satisfies me. Reading this was a much needed kick to the pants. I am going to over the next year work to transition to work for myself. So i wanted to say thanks to Wayward Spirit for her post and her other posts too.They make me think what more could anyone ask For.

SHowing that Blogger Love

You all know how I like to show that blogger love. Every Thursday I gently or mary-ly spoon a blogger that I think is awesome. I try to highlight new bloggers or people I just stumbled onto with my unique one of a kind badge. This week I gently spooned the Wayward Spirit, gently because she is a spirit.

  1. Check out her blog:The WaywardSpirit Blog
  2. Read what she has to say and finally
  3. Comment on it say Hi!!!

Or not you are not obligated to do anything but say hi c’mon have a heart 🙂

Congratulations !!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is just me, MrMary showing my appreciation and love for another blogger in a style that is all my own. This under the statutes of common sense isn’t anything more or less. You are not require to do anything in return for this. You don’t even have to  acknowledge this or even my own existence. Just keep on blogging or not blogging,



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