MrMary Pumps Iron: Shit that I hate to see in the Gym

Edward Hotspur aka Eddie Mac aka Eddie Money posted a horrible experience he had in the gym today in his post: Guy At The Gym You Suck . That got me fired up so I’m fixin to get into it right bout now with my own list.

Shit I hate at the Gym

  1. People who spit in the water fountain –  When I find you I will slam your face into it . It’s just nasty hocking up all kinds of nasty shit and spitting in a place where people drink water. Completely unhygenic
  2. if it was only that that stank , ya dirty mutha fucka

    Let’s be honest: You fucking stink. You know it, I know it. No amount of AXE Body Spray is going to cover it up. Every time you walk buy there is a cloud of funk that follows you and everyone starts fucking coughing.

  3. You can pick up skanks any time and any place, on your own time though not at the gym!!! seriously. You were excessively tight shirts no muscles tho and pose around staring down chics. Move the fuck out of the way and off the fucking machines. Staring and then tossing off in the bathroom doesn’t fucking make it a more comfortable environment to work out in.
  4. If  you see me there waiting for you to finish, after u told me you had two sets left and you start a conversation with your friend and block me from having access to what I’m doing, know that I am suppressing an intense need to cave your fucking face in with right cross.
  5. Ok ladies, men are by nature immature, and childish. If you roll up in the gym with yoga pants 3 sizes to small, with a really low cut tank top that you’re almost spill out of and you decide to run on the treadmill, and especially the treadmill in the front where errbody has to pass you’re out your fucking mind. Every guy starts posing, puffing out the chest trying to compete for your herpes infested syphilitic attention. This in turn makes me have to deal with more knuckle-headed shit to get access to the shit I need to use.
  6. You cannot ask me shit in the middle of a lift  and you cannot critique my form on the last set of a drop set on my 3rd exercise when I’m larger than you
  7. Ok if you are taking 5 minute to fill your water bottle to the top while there is a line forming behind you you’re an asshole.
  8. I’m  impressed at how you can make any machine into an abs work out. But come on leg raises on an incline bench press, that what I’m waiting for in between sets?
  9. Sunglasses mutha-fucka inside the gym ?
  10. Why are you moaning like you just busted all kinds of nuts using 20 lbs dumb bells?
  11. Dudes in the locker room taking pictures and giggling and shit, sounds a little off, like we’re inside the trojan horse just looking for shit to do till we come out the ass and go kill some trojans

Ok that’s it I just had to vent



One comment

  1. LOL @ ladies wearing tiny clothes on the treadmill – it’s never the skinny ones either. We have a granny at my gym who likes to wear what I consider to be ‘young’ workout gear, it is a sight to behold (and possibly fuck your eyes and sex life up forever). Her chest is like two golf balls in a sock, you can imagine what it looks like when she runs…


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