MrMary WorksOut: My approach to Dieting

I have often thought that the common approach to cutting down or losing weight is very “off” to put it lightly. For starters it seems the majority of people want a quick fix  solution to losing weight. They ask what diet should I do  or what can I take (pills) to help me lose this excess weight. My approach to losing weight/cutting down has always been a little different in that I ask myself or what about my lifestyle contributes to my weight and current state of health.  Let me give you an example:

My Daily Habits

When I am in the zone my last meal is usually around9 -10pm. I do not eat until lunch the next day around 2pm. I don’t like to eat breakfast, I feel sluggish when I  have breakfast. I don’t drink coffee maybe a cup of juice and I am out the door. There is about a 16 hour window from last meal to lunch meal the next day.

However for a few months due to work, stress and being unable to sleep and other things I haven’t been in the zone.  Here are some of my past daily habits that screwed stuff up for me. I have worked to change them

  1. Eat Late like 3 am  go to sleep around 4-5am
  2. Sleep 4 hours or less
  3. Eat vegetables those green things, don’t boil them to death either !!
  4. No access to a kitchen to cook  my own food
  5. Not having set times to eat, end up eating whenever wherever
  6. Very Little Cardio if at all, very sedentary at work and home
  7. Drink very little water

Changes So far

I started  going to sleep earlier and making sure not to eat after 10pm. I put more time an effort into planning what I am going to eat and preparing as much of it as I can before hand. I only drink beer twice a week (my my off days where I don’t work out and cut my carbs) now instead of a little bit (chuckles) everyday. I stopped snacking and eat two to three meals a day. at set times So far so good I lost some weight doing that alone. That’s not even special dieting and such. I plan because of my schedule of eating and activity to do intermittent fasting and I will post more on that in the days to come. Let me list some really simple things I used to do to cut down in the past:

  1. I don’t really watch tv. I notice that when family members of mine watch TV they always eat or drink something.  I try not to put myself in context where eating is implied, unless I am on a date and am invited  for a ‘night cap‘.
  2. Eat the fruit not the juice. Fruit juice has tons of sugar in it. I find its better  to eat the fruit than the juice.
  3. Bring lunch to work and eat two meals outside of home per week.
  4. Eat Whole Grain stuff
  5. Eat only when I feel hungry
  6. Reduce my Carb intake a little bit, when i do eat carbs its complex carbs with low glycemic index
  7. Do cardio after waking up before I eat my first meal

usually once I do these 7 things I lose a bit of weight. Then depending on what my goals are I diet.

Tell me what you think ? Share some thing you do


5 thoughts on “MrMary WorksOut: My approach to Dieting

  1. I usually tell my clients that they have to eat breakfast. To “break-fast” eating after a long period without food is essential because it regulates your blood sugar and boosts your metabolism. You need at minimum three square meals, if you look at competition figure models and bodybuilders they eat many meals throughout the day. Thanks for the post!


  2. Cutting out processed products –as a whole –helped me to drop that extra stomach meat I had shaking around! Awesome to see you’re taking your health back 🙂 Have a quality time with the family on the holiday ;))


    1. Thanks for the comment !!!

      I think for the most part my depressive episode is gone so I feel more myself. I can go out get it done. Processed food I think because of their lack of nutritional value are not really feel and make you very hungry after only a brief amount of time as opposed to eating whole grain and quality foods etc. When I eat less process food I notice that I don’t feel so hungry all the time. How about you how are your holiday preparations going ?


  3. You knew I was eating pizza when you posted this didn’t you. Dammit.

    I look at the big picture too. All it takes is concentrating on your habits. Eat healthy smaller portions, don’t deprive yourself completely of indulgences, and do CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO!


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