I was right about Taylor Swift all Along

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had date nights with other people they adore this weekend. Selena found solace with Taylor Swift, dining with her BFF on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Every guy one time or other has met a Taylor Swift. She is your girlfriends or significant other’s best-friend who loves fucking things up for you. She is the kind that will always ruin your chances for conflict resolution or happiness because she thrives on misery and feeding your SO bullshit.

Let me Explain

In my expose: The Real Reason Taylor Swift can’t Find love  I said that her having fucked up relationships gives her something to write her bullshit catchy songs about.

A guy didn’t call her she writes a song, some guy tea-bagged her when she was tipsy and she felt bad about liking it, she writes a song about getting served  eggs sunny side up.

I avoid chicks who have a gang of friends involved too much in their day to day life.  Any problems that happens between me and my chic  gets submitted to this mentally-syphilitic tribunal. Many times these other stank-ass bitches project their own drama on the situation making it infinitely more difficult to navigate safely. (slang coming up) Turns out that I already got a buncha bitches fuckin my shit up:  the fucking NYPD in case you didn’t know.

The proof is in the pudding, which is probably what one of Taylor Swifts ex bf’s told her as he passed her some tissues. Check it out:

Taylor Swift has a ‘committee’ to vet her new boyfriends. The ‘Trouble’ singer –  makes decisions about her love life entirely based on what her close group of girlfriends think and says they come up with solutions to problems together. Taylor said: ‘I am totally a girl’s girl! My girlfriends have stopped me from making a lot of bad choices. Your girlfriends are objective, they don’t feel the desperate passionate feelings you’re feeling

Maybe I’m fucked up. Guys don’t have any committee to vet out new girlfriends that would be called technically a gang-bang (I guess we are more physical). So maybe I am not getting in touch deep enough with my feminine side, and that’s fine she has things to do tonight and doesn’t want to be put to sleep for a bit this early in the evening.

Ok Back to the Main Point

I’m really off tangent today!!! I can see it man, she wants to extend this tribunal  or committee to include Selena Gomez in the ranks. Taylor is gonna get all up in her business give her some bullshit advise, then send her off out into the world a wolf amongst the lambs (Tell me you didn’t like that fucking analogy, I misconstrued some biblical verses in order to illustrated the ravenous/deceitful nature of bullshit info). Then she uses all that info she got on the DL ( Down Low) to use as the setting for a new song i.e  turning someone else’s pain into bank ($$$).

Breaking News: My Homey just sent this in to me:

Taylor Swift Gave Selena Gomez Advice On Justin Bieber Breakup
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were spotted at Osteria La Buca in Hollywood, California on Nov. 17. ….  she was giving advice to Selena on her recent split with Justin Bieber.

Finally –

I have always notice that the people who give the most advise on stuff are the people who know the least about things.  To know something well is to be aware of how much we don’t know about a thing, how much our advise is limited  this Taylor swift chic profits from being dumb.

Ok Sorry End of rant



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