Jocular Look @ Today’s News Leak-resistant underwear here just in time for the holidays

Ho, ho, ho, ladies, we’ve got an idea for your Christmas list — though it just might make Santa blush. Check out this snazzy-looking lingerie that secretly acts like a sponge when, uh, leakages occur. Can your current underwear comfortably hold up to three teaspoons of liquid? Nah, we didn’t think so, and whether it’s that time of the month or you’re having bladder control issues (big sneeze and whoopsie daisy), no matter how prepared you are, the moment can be ripe for over-spill embarrassment. Dear Kate is a new line of leak- and stain-resistant underwear; its impressive ability to protect your dignity is demo’d in the video above. Boozed-up holiday bladders, rejoice! [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

When I first read this I said to myself:  “I wish they had these when I was first dating I wouldn’t have to tell everyone that my hand was shiny at the movies because of the butter on the popcorn and not the chick I was with.”


Meet Dear Kate, a line of leak and stain-resistant underwear for women. They’re designed to provide an extra layer of protection on days you’re having your period or while pregnant. Each pair is lined with three layers: a bottom, liquid-resistant outer layer, and two absorbent and wicking inner layers. Together, they can hold up to three teaspoons of liquid comfortably. Without examining the tags, you’d have no idea there was anything special about them.

Supposedly this is a godsend according to the comments

How do they work if you sh*t yourself? That’s why I wear camouflage underwear. If i sh*t myself, it all blends in.

Finally, a pair of underpants that will keep my urine close to my body versus dribbling down to the floor….what will they think of next?

No I don’t wear women’s underwear but I enjoy taking them off…..

Love this! I have a pair of Sexy Periods and they came in handy- big time- on my birthday! Congrats to Julie and the Dear Kate Team!

The hookers will love these..

Any Thoughts

We need to to make this technology available for the elderly first and foremost. Old people love getting underwear  especially for Christmas. Why not give your grandfather and grandmother these sexy wet-proof ? Lets explore and demystify gender biases



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