How you can prepare for Black Friday

First off Black Friday is not  an prelude or precursor to Black History month so you wont have to hear speeches you normally dont want to hear  What is black Friday, for those of you who don’t know?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the traditional start of the all-important Christmas shopping season. However, such was the enthusiasm in parts of the country, shoppers resorted to violence to bag the best bargains. Every year Black Friday brings dramatic price slashing, massive media coverage and hordes of shoppers.

Black Friday was first used by police in Philadelphia in the 1960s to describe the massive crowds and traffic jams that hit the sales after Thanksgiving. It wasn’t until the 1980s that an alternative theory started to appear, suggesting that it was the day that marked retailers moving from the red to the black, as they started made profits for the first time in the year. People have died in a stampede of shoppers rushing into get the latest deals.

How You can Protect yourself &Your family during Black Friday

I found this guide online and had to share with you. I want you to  to be safe . More to come as we approach this deadly day of darkness. Stay Tuned and stay safe.





    • its really scary. One time I was out here at some store during black Friday, I saw brawls and unnecessary rudeness. Those things turn me off completely. Does it get crazy down in the big easy? Random question Do you have an accent btw ?


  1. I can’t believe it hasn’t been re-named yet. I guess “African-American-Friday” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I will put in a call to Jesse and Al and see what we can do.


    • personally I view Thanksgiving as the time to overindulge all m senses, so I am not generally moving around much the next day recovering and such.

      I think the strike might affect different people in different parts of the country differently. It seems like things are going to go down in California more than anywhere else. There is no Walmart out here in NYC. Either I hope your thanksgiving is good especially since you uninvited your parents


      • Oh… they are coming now. I figured seeing my sons trumps seeing my parents and my parents are bringing my sons over (they live with the slug I used to be married to). And my mom apologized to me (not that it was anything more than a “pity-me” apology). But I got her to say I am sorry and I told her what I thought of her, so I still feel like I won. 😉


  2. Even when I lived in the States,,,I was too hungover from Thanksgiving to go out in that mad house,,I mean how many $10 Easybake oven’s from WalMart do y’all need?


    • yeah you sound like my kinda of lady!!! I dont like getting up early for much anything especially from buying all these cheap ass bullshit that isn’t made to last. especially after thanksgiving after I have eaten like d a pig and drank away some sorrows with my favorite bottle. I don’t see the allure of Black Friday. Im sure the sales are great but acting like an animal isn’t.


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