Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Urinal video games take live streaming literally

Captive Media, you’re in business. The English media company has taken a trip to the restroom, installing digital advertising/gaming consoles above urinals in public bathrooms throughout London. The LCD screens are at eye level, and once you unzip and get into the flow of things, infrared sensors detect the direction of your streaming, dictating the way you play (there are helpful decals in the urinals to help you direct your fire). There are five games that randomly appear, including On the Piste (where you try to hit penguins going down a ski run) and Clever Dick (a trivia game in which your pee picks the answer). [Source]

Mr Mary Weighs in

You dont belong to yourself any more. Every moment you are awake there is some outlet telling you to buy this or believe that or follow this or emulate that. There is no time any more when there is silence, free of  an invitation to consume.  The radio right now where i am is playing Christmas songs before thanksgiving, in between songs I am told about sales and deals and how I can make my family happy by going here for the holidays. My happiness centers around taking advantage of deals.

Because people trample each other to death and on Black Friday to get these says many people have decided to open their  stores on Thanksgiving which means ultimately to me that happiness here in a consumer society means that I am only ok when I out looking for a bargain , accumulating more stuff and disenfranchising someone else from  enjoying whatever little peace they have. The public sphere is used exclusively to  selling things and not talk about serious issues. Gaza is being bombed but while takign a pizz you can play a game and Im sure check out some cool adverstisements.


Realistically when my penis is out, there are only a few types of games I am willing to play and they involve a inappropriate sounds, a tightening of my core muscles and if the magazine isnt that great maybe I’ll call up my lady friend



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