Cataloging My Bodybuilding Nonsense

A few weeks or days ago I cant remember, I wrote a post entitled: Trying to Get back to the gym consistently any tips or suggestions. I got some great suggestions so thanks to all of you for all your encouragement.

Why I Work Out

I am a scientist by trade and I teach a grad course I also write and blog.  So I spend a lot of time in front of the computer sitting down. I don’t like being very sedentary so the lifting for me really helps. I have trouble sleeping and sometime with my battles with depression the inability to sleep becomes rather severe. In order for me to fall asleep though I need to tire myself out. Try telling that to your significant other works like a charm

The Idea

I have toyed for a bit with the idea of natural bodybuilding just as a hobby. Natural Body building means no steroids i.e. hormonal enhancements.  I worked out for 5 years and after a break have returned to it, and recently I started to feel like myself again and I was thinking about cataloging what I am doing  with the working out and my random observations at the gym.

The Plan

I am going to go on a cutting cycle and try to cut down to 9% body fat. Then I will see where I am with my development and then go on a bulking cycle where I focus on mass building. I figure on the way I can review what gear, and supplements I am taking and routines I am doing. Etc

Where I am now

I’m at 250 lbs at 15  -17% Body fat. I am cutting down till i get to 9 % body fat


Tell me What ya think?

5 thoughts on “Cataloging My Bodybuilding Nonsense

  1. I’m with you on this workout thing, MrMary.
    Have you tried ginseng pill supplements to combat depression? I also used to have bouts of it in the past. Then I heard about how this herbal supplement works in many magical ways. After taking an OTC in vitamin form regularly, I started feeling a lot better and it did wonders shaking the blues away. Maybe it’ll work for you, too.
    Herbal sleeping aids might be effective in solving snooze problems as well. Most of them are safe.
    Goodluck on your bodybuilding goals, Dave.


  2. I know you are way more experienced then I, but if you haven’t tried the “Leangains” approach to cutting I highly recommend it.

    Also, if you are tracking your goal by body fat, make sure you get an official measurement from a DEXA scan or BodPod or something like that. I thought I was 15% when I started and after testing, found out (quite unhappily) that I was more like 20%.

    Good luck!


    1. Dame DeVilliers – I love that name you sound like you could like a femme fatale character in like some epic work of Alexandre Dumas. You right up there with M’Lady de Winters. lol I hope you’ve been well job number 1 and 2 have been kicking my ass a bit but im fixing to get back in the swing of things soon.


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