Canada Just May be the last hope for the US Moral Conscious

Every country has its problems and Canada is no exception, but I do think that,  having many Canadian friends and relatives, Canadians serve a very important role in American society. I have always found that Canadians know more about American culture than most Americans know about theirs. So far it has been my experience when I visit or talk to my relatives in Canada that they bring up important question that  we forget to ask ourselves because we get caught up in trivialities or in being hostile to each other. That’s just my take though, please keep in mind that I’m not fully American by any standard. I support free education and healthcare. I think there should be an absolute separation between church and state, though I am not an atheist I would love to see an atheist Presidential nominee, I also believe in a host of crazy shit like class mobility. I think my kids if I have them will be fully Americanized

Canada is an interesting country for the sake of comparison especially for me in terms of heathcare, education, tar sands, social tolerance of minorities. I’m really intrigued by the Canadian healthcare system actually how it works and where are the failings etc  especially because the America Healthcare system right now is looking beat up and worn out.

Anyways, I found this pic online and it made me think of our neighbors to the north. So to all the Canadians out there thanks !!! BTW Canadians –  We need to talk, I’ve never understood Canadian Bacon


One thought on “Canada Just May be the last hope for the US Moral Conscious

  1. Your welcome!
    I was actually married and lived in America (still got that lovely Green Card,,even tho it’s not green, what’s with that?), and I often was surprised just how much you guys don’t know about your own history.
    Any whoo,,our Healthcare, is the bomb I must say, however it’s not exactly “free”,,a little comes out of our pay cheques to support this, you don’t even notice it.
    One of the downfalls of it, is that because it is govm’t overlooked, the Healthcare workers, Dr’s, Nurses etc have certain caps that they can make, hours and salaries.. Which results in lack of Dr’s and Nurses because they tend to move to the States. Which results in long waiting times sometimes.

    The the Canadian Bacon issue,,,OMG,,it’s sooooo good!! To get the best Canadian Back Bacon Sandwich, next time your up here. Pay a visit to a early morning youth hockey arena and order up one of those bad boys,,make sure to get onions, cheese and I like mustard on mine!
    Here’s a video on the history and the making! Your welcome!


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