Jocular Look @ Todays News || DIY kits helps you create art while having Sex

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South African artist Jeremy Brown is marketing a DIY kit that provides couples everything they need to make art with their intertwined bodies: Just spread the “specially-formulated” non-toxic, washable paint on you and your partner, stretch out on the non-allergenic canvas, and let the sexy times begin. The finished result is a canvas dabbed in paint that traces the rough outlines of your heretofore private activity, suitable for framing — as long as you don’t mind nauseating anyone who sees the painting and has the vaguest idea about its provenance.

MrMary Weighs In

When did music stop being considered art. Depending on how cheap your bed or your hotel room is there is a definite music to sex: slow and gentle sound very different from the death stroke. If it wasn’t for the music of sex this song Rakata  (Una canción de los mejores reggaetoneros del mundo) by Wisin y Yandel would have never been as popular:


Urban Dictionary Tie-In

I heard my home-girl Ms. Jen and Tonic has a love for Urban Diction so here you go Ms Thang

Rakata –

Cuban/Puerto Rican slang for having sex. The word Rakata (repeated over and over) imitates the sound that furniture makes when 2 people are having sex.

“Rakata, rakata
Si se me pega voy a darle /if she comes close to me I’m going to give it to her,
Rakata, rakata
Esta noche quiero hacerle/this night I’m gonna make her
Rakata, rakata”

(that was translated by my homey -The Angel of Death – an actual Puerto Rican)

I was in a hotel once on a conference and the couple next door (we shared the same bedroom wall) was music making. As a man I couldn’t knock on the wall and say:


But it was art, a steady baseline the moans the YES !!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!, the high-pitched  squeals. And how could I forget the cacophonous death stroke induced grand finale ?

DeathStroke – When for some reason the guy arches his back which  just about reaches the ceiling and drive it full force balls-deep into the object of his affection. This is usually used to end a session of rutting or for the unexperienced constitute the entirely of the sexual congress.

OK Seriously Now

I don’t see the appeal of this personally.  The act of sexual congress is art enough for me especially if there is music playing. If my lady friend really wanted to try I’d give it a go for her sake but this seems retarded to me. Here is what some commenter had to say (I incluided some of the more crazier comments to balance out my nonsense:

I do not believe an artist of my caliber should be rushed into creating one of my works in the 1-2 minutes it takes for me to complete coitus.

I’d need an extra jar of paint…my wife has a fat assssss

Now it makes sense…when I drove by this one farm, I noticed some sheep had been covered in black paint.

My art would have cracker crumbs on it because my wife eats crackers and watches TV when I’m feeding her the good old tube sausage.

I already make jewelry during sex.

If the paint was red instead of black #10 would almost look like my sheets after my first time.

Give it to the Obamas – the’ll Sell It and Tax It and give the money to the United Nations for Their Support Of Terrorism in the Middle East and Beyond!

I don’t want to look like Obama when having sex most of all i dont want my woman looking like Machelle Obama

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