The Real Reason Taylor Swift can’t Find love

She doesn’t want to,getting dumped/being in fuckedup relationships makes her  $$$$$

I don’t know Taylor Swift. I couldn’t tell you a song she sang: I just know two things

  1. She wears short Skirts and I wear t shirts
  2. Kanye West Fucked her shit up at an awards ceremony

Taylor Swift has  managed to tap into a market that never dwindles: women who have had their hearts broken or are pining after lost love , or anxious about what could be and she knows it

DISCLAIMER: I say women who have their hearts broken because to date I have never head one of my male friends tell me , Taylor Swift speaks to me I was really feel that song. I’m basing this on observation not blinkered thinking.


There’s “Should’ve Said No,” which she wrote just a week before her final recording session. “Basically, it’s about a guy who cheated on me and shouldn’t have because I write songs,” she zings.

(Indeed, some of her songs cite the names of actual or might-have-been boyfriends, while others spell them out in code. )

The addictive “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again,” peddles the same kind of girl-power angst that has helped Swift sell 18.4 million albums in the United States since she debuted as a country star at 16.

Bullshit You shouldn’t Believe

In an interview she said this:

Question: Aren’t your fans mostly female?

Taylor Swift: It’s been pretty even, actually, in the last year or so. Lots of guys out in the audience, which is good to see.

First off Guys will go to the most boring shit if it wins them points with a chick they like.  End of story. Seeing guys at concerts doesn’t say much.

Secondly if singing about my balls and consensual sexual relationship where the lady in question allowed me to go balls deep without remorse  or care, guess what? – I would continue to find women who would let me do that consensually of course  (this means I would only be dating female philosophy major – they like it deep. I would also write songs about  chicks I meet who may let me dig them out like my pockets and send them home. )

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The Two piece and the Biscuit
Best part of the interview

Do you ever felt guilty about writing about an ex?
TS: I take these songs and these people who inspire these songs on a case-by-case basis. If there were someone who was a good person, I’m not going to write something bad about them. But if they handle a situation in a way that really messed up my life for a while, that’s what I’m going to write about.

Aren’t you worried this will scare off guys you might want to date?!
TS: I don’t know. I’ve never had a guy say to me, “I was thinking of asking you out, but I was afraid I would end up in that song.” I have had a guy say, as we were breaking up, “You better not write a song about this.” At which point, I proceeded to write an entire album about it.

Do you get your heart broken more or do you break hearts?
I feel like I get my heart broken more than break hearts. I just kind of, I think that’s been more the case, for sure.

Look at the other questions:

Why do you think girls look up to you?
Do you consider yourself a feminist?
Do you think your music empowers women?

The questions speak volumes.

What I’m  Saying

Taylor Swift and I are cool.  She should go for hers, I mean musically of course. She is cute has a nice voice writes song people can relate to. She is America’s sweetheart, well not my America. I’m not criticizing her at all.  I’m criticizing the avoidance of the obvious.  The media paints a clear narrative and repeats it ad nausea and then writes articles pretending not to know the obvious (On one of the covers above, it says, as a subtext: On Love,  Success and Revenge). Let’s call it how it is and not play stupid. Almost every rock star got a song about doing drugs, and if they were willing to sing and write about it they are probably doing it too.  Same for Ms Swift.

Lemme give you an example: Ms Mary J Blige. When Mary is happy the songs ain’t the same. I don’t like Mary J Blige writing happy songs. I love though when she write those sad songs.

My point is  we should stop playing around, if Taylor swift wasn’t a bit vengeful and if she didn’t write about  break up bad relationships etc she would have sold all those millions of records. That’s what we like, that what we pay for and that what she will give us. She is never going to deviate to far from her bread and butter!!!

Bonus: It’s a Wrap with Commentary by MrMary

0:00 – 0:32 ||  Monica?!?! – Man you just fucked ya self up, Mary’s gonna be all up in dat ass, and she made ya ass breakfast.. Dude  ain’t no chick eva made me no kinda breakfast. Shit!!!

0:44 || You just realized how ya done messed up

0:48 ||  You can pretend like dat shit that just when down didn’t go down but that aint workin Better tie that tie right and hide the other one’s Mary looking to hang ya some high plains drifter type of  shit

1:04 || Seriously man 360 waves would have looked better, Ya shits too juicy and greasy. I wouldn’t let you sit on my couch if I had one.

1:10 – 1:50 || How you gon do Mary like that man. After all that she did for you. Breakfast man  !!!

1:50 -2:12   ||  Damn now she with her friend and they all talking all kinds of shit about you. They are coming up with a devious plot to fuck ya shit up!!!!  Any time my lady hangs with her friends for more than 140 characters on a text I get antsy… Ides of march antsy.

2:14 – 2:56   || lemme guess – her friends are gone  she is gonna confront you get all up in your face talk some shit accuse you (which you clearly deserve) You’re busted homey shits done, it’s a wrap !!! The dude is prolly gonna go out and not come back

2:56 – 3:29 || Shit Mary caught your ass at work.  Prediction: Massive confrontation, hair will get pulled somebody’s weave gonna come out, girlfriends gonna get involved. Prolly when you left Mary you went to stay with that pretty young thang, and she is meeting you . She may even be driving you. I see cops getting involved [ Correction: he went to pick her up ]

3:40 –  ||  Your first mistake was getting out the car. ( Mary had her friends box you in with her cars – shit that serious somebody bout to get stabbed. Second Mistake you didn’t lock the doors. Now as you go confront Mary you leave your side-hoe open to get ripped out the car and pummeled by Mary’s friends

3:30 || Yeah Mary!!  Get it!!!

4:04  || The Cops man  shit , RUN People RUN !!!


  1. K,,,I just watched that video in it’s entirety,,,and I don’t like the ending.
    It should of continued with the wife’s friends (peeps),,ripping that fine weave out that trifling gurl’s head and thrown at the police,,just like on Jerry’s show!


  2. She can’t be a a meanie, McMary! She’s blond, blue-eyed, white as snow, and cute as a button! I do wonder about the ethics in singing about someone – sure, write about your experiences – everyone’s had a break up – but to personally insert the person into your song for real? That’s just petty.

    I do like her song “Mean” about bullies, though I have to wonder – was she actually bullied? For some reason I have trouble believing this.


  3. Taylor Swift is the most annoying artist in the world, but her songs are so damn catchy. I hate them, but I find myself singing them in the shower. She should write a song called “Maybe I’m the Problem” though. Or one of her exs should write an entire album about her.


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