Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Man writes ‘F**k Obama’ on will, commits suicide over election results

If Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around,” Henry Hamilton had warned his friends. Two days after the election, Key West police officers discovered Hamilton’s body beside his will, which was marked with the phrase “F**k Obama!” Two empty prescription bottles — one for a medication used to treat schizophrenia — were also found nearby. Hamilton had reportedly been “very stressed” in the weeks before his suicide and concerned about the tanning salon that he owned. A friend had been so concerned about Hamilton’s state of mind that he had asked police to perform regular “welfare checks” to ensure that he was OK. It was during one of these check-ins that Hamilton’s body was discovered. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

As many of you know Barack Obama was re-elected President and while this in and of itself was an important victory, the reaction to his win  was more telling about American culture in general:

  • 700,000 Americans petition the White House to secede from the US.
  • Woman runs down husband for not voting
  • Coal CEO Prays for Deliverance From Obama, Fires Workers
  • Papa John’s Owner and CEO – tells everyone he plans on cutting workers’ hours so he don’t have to insure them.  He does give away 2 million free pizzas though

There has been extreme stuff all over the country since last week’s election and it has made me think a lot.

As an Immigrant

My parents became citizens of this country in 1999. If you ask them why they came here they will say freedom, and  democracy and then some other minor reasons. Which to me is odd given that a lot of my relatives lived through the abuses of the American in Haiti during its occupation. I think that my maternal grandmother’s brother was saved from being put in front of a firing squad by the Americans in Haiti. That is what I’ve heard  I cannot corroborate that story, everyone is dead and the capital is still in ruins. Anyways I digress…

I love being an American, though I am pretty sure that many americans do not feel the same love for me being here. For me American was supposed to be this last bastion for equality and democracy, but I feel that that image has been a bit tarnished.

To threaten to secede from the nation because you’re not happy with the results of an election is retarded and tarnishes democracy. We should take this as a wake up call. We should not be trying to sell democracy to other nations when we as a nation don’t really believe in it. Donald Trump called our democracy a sham and  wanted us to march down on Washington DC.

This is a bad look for us as a nation. This election brought up America’s collective shadow. We still grapple with  race, gender, sexual orientation, age issues, but we will sweep them under the carpet until they reach to a crescendo and so out break of violence happens. Then its too late. I hope no little girls in church will get bombed this time around.

Here are the election results:

These are the results. We have to live with it and make the best of it for the sake otherwise all that founding forefather stuff we talk about every election is bullshit.


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