and old reflection returns

Originally posted on ASpoonfulofSuga:

One of my pet peeves aside from European foreigners who come to NYC only to bash and make fun of the city and American culture, are the assclowns who say love conquers all.  Have they read a newspaper or looked outside the window. As first generation person here in these United States, speaking 2 other languages I can tell you ‘love’ is one of the abused words in the English language. Tell a random stranger how much you love them and you could get pepper-sprayed. Love has conquered all for who, how about those with  irreparably bad cases of sexual diseases.

Examples of Love Conquering it all

  1. Food – Love will fill our empty bellies and pay our rent
  2. Excuse me Mr. Mugger – I love you please don’t mug me and take what little I had to degrade myself to earn at my BS job

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