MrMary’s Guide on How to Beat the Winter Blues

Every season we get great articles telling us how to deal with things.  For instance in summer we are told to deal with the heat by going to cool places something most of us would never think of doing. I read an article today about beating the winter blues. Me

Winter can be a challenging time for many people. How do you feel as the days get shorter and colder? Do you gain weight or slack on your workout routine? What is your script about winter that you tell yourself and others?

I never thought the winter cold and day light savings could be tough. I mean with the pilgrims died because the winter was too harsh. Animals even fucking migrate  hundreds of miles to warmer places but who would have guessed that winter could be tough on people. Some ways to stay inspired this season according to some BS articles include:


Commit to at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.


Every summer sunset, day at the beach, and lazy outdoor afternoon is just a visualization away. Since you have internalized all of these experiences, a dedicated meditation practice can help you consciously access them.


You are the same person in July as in November. You can actively choose to flip your script about the winter months and create a joyful and inspired fall/winter season this year.

MrMary’s Guide to Beat Winter Blues

These methods are tested and true. I wouldn’t lie to you.

Take Salvia Divinorum – it will take you to places where you’ll liveunbelievably real and magical things — it is a 10 minute experience, but it may as well be the longest and most intense 10 minutes of your life. Salvia Divinorum is not addictive, it is truly impossible to abuse and the risk of permanent damage is none.


Go Fuck Yourself – What? It’s another type of loving  relationship based in love and mutual appreciation. You can trust the person . Sorry I’m in a NY state of mind.


Wear an extra Sweater as you cry yourself to sleep watching Entire Seasons of  Random TV Shows  on Netflix. You’ll be the same person afterwards just a lil less fluids

Try that on for size





Another poem of mine that got published last week

so far 25% of people feel nothing when they read this and 75% like it

The sun’s hanging high in the sky
and everything feels the warmth of that statement
even we who walk in the shadows of skyscrapers;

man’s impuissance in front of Nature
is a terrible and dear commodity.

It’s the missing element in the story of Eden.
Having crafted feebleness into our hands
could we really have been kicked out of that closeness?

Eden is here now sitting with us
but like the sun, we cut ourselves off
from the sight of its majesty in the distance,
having built this world on the foundation
of an imaginary separation.