An open letter to the WordPress Community: Are you willing to honor bloggers who have died or are in jail for exercising free speech?

Today throughout America and all her diverse geopolitical climes, there will be a discernible sadness in the air. November 12th  is the day where the nation as a whole takes a moment to not only honor but  thank all military people who served in all war especially those veterans still alive today. There will be tears  for some and somber reflections for others. At some point idealistically thinking, each of us will be inspired by the sacrifices of these men and women to live more fully.

This year I wanted to do much more than give the generic bullshit lip-service I have done in the past.  I figured that  the best way to honor those sacrifices no matter if I agree with the causes of the war would be to shine a light on those who suffer because they cannot benefit from the same rights as I do. As the world grows into a more integrated global community: financially, economically, technologically it has become clear to me that the right to free speech without being able to engage the rest of the world in a conversation is in the long run a major impediment to progress in every sense of the word.

A few days ago I came out of character (in this post) to share with my readers, the story of Sattar Beheshti the Iranian factory worker and  Blogger allegedly tortured and killed for blogging about the right for everyone to enjoy free speech on the Internet. But it is sad to report Mr Beheshti was not the first blogger killed for expressing his opinion. let me introduce you to three other men you should know about

Zakariya Rashid Hassan al-Ashirwas a forty-year-old Bahraini blogger and journalist, worked as an editor and writer for a local blog news website in Al Dair, Bahrain. He was killed on April 9, 2011 while in custody of the Bahraini Government

Omid Reza Mir Sayaf  a 29-year old Iranian blogger and journalist died in Evin Prison in Tehran on March 18, 2009. Mir Sayafi was the first blogger to have died while in prison for his publication.

Edinaldo Filgueira a Brazilian blogger and journalist, editor, and owner of the newspaper and online Jornal o Serrano in Serra do Mel, Brazil, was assassinated by gunmen as he left work. Filgueira was also active in party politics. He was believed to have been killed for a blog post critical of local government

All these persons paid with their lives to do what many of use in the WordPress Community take for granted.  But thats not the full story, There are many bloggers who have been jailed for exercising their right to free speech.

Calling on WordPress & the WordPress Community

There are many more bloggers jailed than just this cursory list I threw together like such as the youth blogger arrested in Azerbaijan. I’m writing this post because I want to ask all of you on WordPress:

Is it possible as a blogging community to do something tho honor those who suffer for exercising a right we take for granted?

I’m not talking a We Are the world album or benefit concert. I am not asking that we wear brightly colored  bracelets with trite phrases written on them in bold. Nothing involving money or donations of course. What I’m thinking is can there be a day where we all collective post something on our blogs to honor these individuals.

I remember many websites that went black to protest SOPA earlier this year, it was a simple sincere act that spoke volumes.  I think something done in this fashion could prove to be very inspiring to those who cannot exercise freedom of speech online. It’s the feeling of being isolated, that no one else cares that adds salt to the wounds. It’s bad enough to not feel free to say what you feel. It must feel worse when the rest of the world seems to carry on without recognizing your plight.

Doubling Down

The WordPress community is huge and I feel with a little coordinated effort we could do something impactful. I am going to go on record and say:

I would be willing to

  1. Spend my time
  2. Spend my effort
  3. Even use whatever other pertinent skills I got if need be ( programming, research, project management etc)

to make this a reality. I  however, will NOT be willing to

  1. work with anything involving money, music, celebrities, dancing, etc
  2. waste my time or anyone else’s with drama or bullshit

I’m willing to work with anyone who has an idea or who is remotely interested in doing something. If  interest  just leave a comment or send me an email (subject title: Honoring Bloggers) or a tweet




I have always been in life a bit presumptuous. I think that as bloggers it would be fitting to honor those who died or are in jail for speaking their minds. I am presumptuous enough to think that if I asked you whoever you are reading this to let one other blogger or as many as you think will be interested, know about this you will. I am not a popular blogger  by any stretch of the word.  If you are please consider re-blogging this to your readers or maybe we can work together on this. I will be updating you all on what happens stay tuned


Jocular Look @ Today’s news || Creepy breast-feeding doll has girls use fake flower nipples to nurse

What’s that creepy suckling noise, you ask? Oh, that’s just a 4-year-old practicing her breast-feeding, no big. A Spanish toy company is facing fiery criticism today after releasing Breast Milk Baby on Friday in the U.S. The bizarre windup doll makes mechanical slurping sounds when girls put it to their chests – or rather, their “flower nipples,” which decorate a bib that comes with it. (Obviously, using their real 4-year-old nipples would be disgusting.) One mom called the $95 doll “toe-curlingly gross” and others have accused it of sexualizing young girls; however, manufacturer Berjuan Toys notes it has the support of multiple breast-feeding organizations. We’re thinking if it turns out to be a success, they should release “Labor Simulation Baby” next. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

First the Comments:

Breast feeding is not unnatural. Sexualizin​g it is.

I breast fed both my kids, and I obviously feel that breast feeding is a natural, beautiful maternal bonding experience. That being said, I think this doll is just beyond wrong. A child that young does NOT need that much education!

I think any doll that has one bodily function as it’s selling point is dumb.  Like the one that eats and poops, or just wets itself, or just cries with *real* tears. However I recall kids pretending to breastfeed their dolls all the time.  I don’t see the big deal nor understand why breastfeeding is considered a taboo thing in the U.S.

I am really not sure what to think of this. I don’t really like it. It is nice to want to teach children about parenting as it is healthy and helps them learn, however I am not so sure this is the way to do it. I also think it is what the child is exposed to and how they learn to use that information. Children do not make it sexual, adults who know that the breast is not just for breastfeeding make it sexual. I know it is teaching girls and boys that this is how mommies feed their babies but it can also be confusing for them. I know I would feel weird seeing a child sitting at a playground ‘breastfeeding’ their doll. I don’t think this doll is going to make it, and it does creep me out a little even as i understand how important the educational part of it is.

When last I checked I wasn’t a lady

For some reason Tea Bagging has been banned in Canada

So I’d like to first profess my ignorance on breast feeding and apologize pre-emptively for the following thoughts

MrMary Weighs In

in my travels both real and imaginary I am always amazed by different cultural approaches to sex. There is nothing sexual about a mother breast-feeding her child. It is one of the main functions of the breast aside from selling magazines and getting the younger male demographic to watch bad Transformers movies. In certain cultures around the world it is not uncommon to see women topless like in the celebrity sex tape category of whatever your favorite porn site happens to be .

I’m not sure what is the hang up I guess I’m saying. If there was a company marketing penis shaped lollipops to children then that would be clearly wrong or one that tried to sell children shaped lollipops to priests definitely wrong. Also what I find strange is that  there are so many cats and dogs in the basic American household. It is rather impossible to not see a cat or dog give birth or nurse their young. About, and don’t quote n this because I’m making it up, 10 % of every freaking national Geographic show about the wild, includes some suckling. I also want to add that the average age where children are first exposed to pornography is according to some down to 8 years old (according to others it’s 11 years old.)

An American Psychosis

Porn is a 15 to 20 billion dollar a year industry if I remember correctly. There are very lascivious billboards everywhere not to mention TV shows, beer commercials and in movies. I don’t get it while with all the suggestive humor and images everywhere this  toy would be so terrible. Any thoughts ?