My Live tweeting of my Voting Experience 2012 Part 2

Showing you my Tweets, show me Yours

Can You Dig It?

@MrMaryMuthafing Im voting for: My selfish concerns 2012

@MrMaryMuthafing The polls are in and we have a declared winner, Now once I leave this strip club I will make my voice count !!!!

@MrMaryMuthafing After the election is over Trump will return 2 his tower of moral somnolence ’til 2016 when he asks Obama 4 his library card records

@MrMaryMuthafing the porn industry drives down the cost of waxing, dont let Mitt give the business 2 the dirty business so U can keep your business in order

@MrMaryMuthafing I felt this election was about more the battle 4 supremacy of party politics not so much the needs of the American people #Poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing I wore my luckily underwear today, it is very old & full of holes or options as I call them #votingwithluckyundies #poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing Responsibilities aren’t cool and neither is Votings, if voting was cool there would be lines of people waiting to do it… uhm hmmm ok brb


@MrMaryMuthafing What should I eat to prepare me for the long lines at the voting place Subway ?


@MrMaryMuthafing Does having 3 black people working at Subway make them pro Obama or pro Romney


@MrMaryMuthafing About to feed my dogs then go vote then see my bitches or did i get that wrong


@MrMaryMuthafing Ok i shouldnt have to bring a sperm sample with me right ? Gov Id ok ?


@MrMaryMuthafing There is a guy smoking refer on the corner of the voting place
@MrMaryMuthafing I voted I feel sleepy and want to cuddle. Anyone want to cuddle with me
@MrMaryMuthafing Obama Won !!! The Prophecy of a handsome black dude (me) voting for the first time and changing the fate of the election has come true
@MrMaryMuthafing Since Obama won I can finally use this clip from Passenger 57 4 sumthing more than Track & Field


One comment

  1. Lol! Asking him for his library card records – classic. What’s funny is that after the Patriot Act (started by W. Bush of course) librarians everywhere started dumping patron records in mass. As far as I know, librarians, at least the majority, don’t keep records of what people have checked out anymore. When I was at the public library, we often had people ask for records of what they checked out so they knew what to check out next. We had to say, nope, don’t have them – and really, you should thank us, especially if you dare look up stuff on Islam or bombs or something.

    I could still see him asking him for them, though. I’m willing to bet Mittens has never been to a library.

    Was there really a guy smoking a reefer? That is wild. And it is interesting how they can declare a winner before everyone’s voted. And how depending on who won, the other side thinks the electoral college sucks.


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