Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Stripper sisters ‘too pretty’ for pudding fight OK with starting brawl

The tension started building at the Brass Pole strip club in Elyria, Ohio, when stripping twins Vicki and Sarah Satterfield told management they were “too pretty” to wrestle in pudding. The situation got uglier when the former Playmates dressed “too glamorous” for a 1980s-themed dance — dolled up “like Madonna,” Vicki said, compared to the other girls’ aerobics attire — which led to a six-dancer brawl that ended when the sisters were arrested and charged with assault. Vicki also allegedly threatened to kill the club owner but later told officers that she had been too drunk to remember saying that. The superclassy sisters both have previous arrests, one for hitting a cop, the other for exposing herself at a bar. For their next dance, we’re SO hoping for “We Are Family.” [Source]

MrMary Does Need To Weigh In

The People Have Spoken 

  1. too pretty?? am i looking at the same pic as everyone else….
  2. Where is the picture of the “too pretty” girls?  I just know they’re not talking about the two chicks  on the picture above !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!
  3. Are they the first down syndrome strippers?
  4. Too pretty? Are you kidding me? I’d like to put a paper bag over their heads.
  5. They look like they been around the block on their faces.
  6. These bitches are hideous if you covered their face in pudding they may be somewhat decent to look at
  7. What day does the garbage get put out over there? Ohio if this is your best in stripper clubs, start a dog shelter!!



Strippers and porn stars are helping society they work to support breast cancer and also hurricane victims, but there is a certain section of them dedicated to remind us about our shadow – the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. They call to mind our seedy, perverse, animalistic trashy side and for that we salute them preferably shrouded in latex



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