Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Get a lap dance, donate to Hurricane Sandy victims

AC Dolls, an “all-nude” strip club in Atlantic City, N.J., has come up with its own way to help Hurricane Sandy victims. The club will give $5 from every lap dance to relief efforts as part of its “Dancers with a Heart” promotion, which will kick off on November 6 and run at least until the end of the month. Before you turn your nose up at what seems like a graceless charity drive, know that club owner Coby Frier expects to raise around $6,000, which he intends to donate to the American Red Cross. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

First Pornhub decided to donate money towards breast cancer for watching designated categories of porn. Now the victims of Hurricane Sandy who have lost homes, loved one, heat, clean water might have access to greater help because  sometimes the private sector is able  to generate service the community in ways that big government cannot.

This is the one setting and perhaps the only setting where the trickle down model can be impactful. If you think about stripping as a business works on a modified version of the the trickle down economic model. Good are showcases and  a limited access to them are paid for. After the transaction has occurred the euphoric feelings inspire a lack of aggressive behavior and sound sleeping.

Moral Questions

Many people  have raised objections to this practice. They feel it is not morally sound to use sex to help people which is ironic as sex is used to sell everything from perfume to clothing , to weight watchers memberships, cars, beer, music, video games TV shows , movies, bullshit magazines etc That sounds a bit hypocritical to me. Need I remind you that if its hard work out there for a pimp , imagine for a stripper – she has to dance on heels smelling of ass, cigarettes and desperation . Now to put all this difficulty aside and give up a small cut (10%) of the $50-$60 per lap dance ( you can get a tax write off for doing this) to helps though in need of help through helping other people in need of help brings me back to the Christian ideals this great Nation was founded on.

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