19 thoughts on “Is my not liking this Reverse-Racism ?

    1. The ignorance scares me.It sometimes feel that at any moment we can fall right back down in to open and baseless hostilities. Its a shame that though things have changed considerable from 40 years ago there are in some places, with some people, that antiquated way of thinking that still lingers


      1. That’s for sure. And I have faith and hope, that we move forward as a human race. Its so sad to see that the things people have been fighting for, mean absolutely nothing. If it’s like this now, what the heck will it like 40 years from now?


      2. I am optimistic for the future. However its scary now at times. I feel we as a nation need more dialogue and interaction beyond the confines of the media. It will never be a utopia there will always be a little further we can push things and theres a saving grace in that.


  1. This is unbelievable… 😦 what a bunch of stereotyping assholes, clearly this knob spends more time watching gangster films, acting all thug than he does working… (His grammar and use of the English language is appalling a second grader would have a better grasp) I dare say that they all have the same gene pool… Can you get conbined Uncle/Dad greetings cards?


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