Jocular Look @Today’s news || Let these sexy ski instructors help improve your skills on the slopes

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As temperatures drop and winter begins to tighten its hold on the northern hemisphere, many people’s minds turn to having some fun racing down the slopes. So why not get excited for the season with some shots of actual ski and snowboard instructors posing in the snow while wearing very little clothing? The shots are part of a 2013 calendar shot by photographer Hubertus von Hohenlohe and designed by artistic director Thomas Ebster. And yes, all the ladies appearing are actual instructors, and interestingly, the pair say they were criticized for not showing enough skin. Everyone’s a critic. Click through the gallery, and get ready for your favorite winter sports.

MrMary Weighs In

Uhm I never thought of there being a sexual subtext to skiing. I mean does anyone see anything sexual with crashing head first into bush, or going down at faster and faster speeds to get it over with. Who wouldn’t want love to work my way around the slopes and curves of a good course. I love the winter scenery, it’s quite easy to get caught up by the scenario that it’s easy to crash head-first Sonny Bono style into bush.  Ok Jokes aside can one ski with an erection, I would imagine waxing your pole will make you weak in the knees and that can’t be good for skiing ?


After the usual jokes this gets very boring. I wonder are we so prudish that we will shell money out for some half dressed chicks? Who buys this stuff ? Then again I look at most movies nowadays that try to exploit our prudishness by pandering to certain demographics with promises of gratuitous nudity. It’s not like Megan Fox can act but for some reason dudes flocked to see her in the crappy films she happened to be in.

I have always wondered about how prudishness affects relationships. I read this recently what do you think:

Prudishness has created a situation of relative difficulty in men and women coming together and enjoying dating or their relationship. It hastens people into often ill-fitting marital unions in a misguided effort to avoid pre-marital sex. It has perpetuated a tacit quid-pro-quo in dating, where dating for it’s own sake, is viewed by many as the man taking advantage of the woman. It is one where women, not wanting to be castigated as easy or a slut, cannot simply enjoy a sexual relationship for it’s own sake, but must make pretense at there being a definite future for each encounter she engages in. The result can be an endless string of rebound relationshipsand a propensity to try to badger whomever the “homme du jour” might be, into proposing prematurely.

What do you think do you agree ? disagree ?

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