An Excerpt from MrMary’s Definitive Guide To Sleeping well at Night

The Lovely Ms Jen and Tonic wrote a post that I reblogged today called How-to: Suckage Revisited. In it she enumerates the 20 NEW things everyone needs to stop doing. The list is quite exhaustive and poignant however  I thought maybe I could add somethings to the list or rather take the list a totally different direction. But before I do that I would like to say a few things.


I am not a famous person or some sort of moral authority. Rather I am a pragmatist in every sense of the word. These are the following things I practice in my own life that have helped me maintain some semblance of sanity in my day. Please consult with a doctor before trying any of these techniques, may not be goo to try if you have a previous heart condition or take MAoi inhibitors.

MrMary Guide To Sleeping well at Night

Everyone is expendable. No one is so important that they couldn’t be sufficiently replaced. This to me applies to all relationships, personal, romantic, familial, collegiate, work-based. It’s best to keep this in mind especially when we have to interact with people. Everyone on the basis of their being born deserve a basal amount of respect. To me in an odd way a homeless man is just as important as a rich man though they may not be so in the eyes of many people. To imagine that we are better than someone or more valuable than someone else is to forget that we are expendable. There is never any reason for meanness, life is too fucking short.

Words to me are sacred, because the human voice is infinitely fragile and delicate. More often than not silence is better than speech.  Speaking just to speak is just as bad as eating just to eat. Human beings are social animals which means to me that words and interaction are just as important a food as food itself and its a create misdeed to devalue the worth of words by empty words. There are some people whose entire day can be changed by a single smile or nice word. The more we are engaged in useless banter of any form the less we are aware of the needs of the people who cross our path.

If you are an atheist, or a Christian, or a Muslim or a Buddhist, a feminist, whatever you follow doesn’t give you the right to be an ass to someone else about their belief or to continually attack their credibility as a human being for their beliefs. That just makes you an asshole. What you believe is personal and should stay to yourself.  Large sweeping generalization that lump massive amounts of people together should be avoided in public. I think that it would be much more of a boon to society to focus on being a human being  first then try to work on the adjectives if ya get me.

No matter how much yoga you do, no matter how much you contribute to Save the Children, or open doors for people, or help old women across the street or eat whole wheat and extra fiber You will always be a bit of a hypocrite and heedless. Nothing wrong with that. Turning a blind eye to that or not apologizing when you get called out on it is fucked up.

& Finally

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