A Childishly Inappropriate bar conversation I had with my HighSchool Friends Recently – You’ve been warned

MrMary: So you wanna bar hop or you wanna stay in this shit hole and drown the sorrow away
AKA MrToughGuy: yeah let’s stay here a bit, see what’s popping –
MrMary: Hopefully all the [College Name I can’t say] kids go away – and do whatever it is that they do
AKA MrToughGuy: Like whaddya Mean… committ suicide
MrMary: I was think wicca and sodomy but it  all sort of goes together
AKA MrToughGuy:  A – O man, You creative fuck

(Bigtyme Bobby G comes down and sits with us – he is a fellow  highschool classmate that’s now a lawyer]

AKA MrToughGuy: BigTyme Bobby G Wassup
MrMary:  Sup Playboy
BigTyme:  Hey guys finally got off for work, it’s not too far from here
MrMary: lemme get you a blue moon – you like that or do you wanna Stella – or some homosexual drink like cider
BigTyme: Fuck you, I love Cider, but Ill go with a Jack and Coke
Mrmary: Jack and Coke how much of your soul did you sell at the law office
Tough Guy: [ de Niro Impression]  a lil bit a lil bit…… You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like I tellz ya You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He’s a good fella. He’s one of us.: You understand? We were good fellas. Wiseguys.

[ Mrmary and his friends do not in any way condone discrimination on any basis including that of sexual orientation- We are all rather immature and call each other names  to express our brotherly affection for one another, because we werent hugged enough by our parents]

(We get a few drinks)

So BigTyme Whats new – Heard you’re banging broads ten ata time for a dime, like they used to during the War
BigTyme: MrMary’s Real Name – as your lawyer I would advise you to lower your voice as the bitches here might take offense
MrToughGuy – True listen to ya lawyer you neva know, but the girls here are crazy, doped up a lil bit or at least that what I heard
MrMary – Im willing to make a bet with youze guys

Brooklyn – hahya Fuggin Do-wyn ?

( youze-  we are all from brooklyn and exagerrate our accents to fuck around)

BigTyme – What’s the bet
MrMary: I bet the lady that serving our drinkings is a vegetarian
ToughGuy: You Fucking Kidding me?
Mrmary: Ask her playboy, see what she says

(A few minutes pass , waitress comes )

Waitress: Are you guys going for another round
MrMary: of drinks ?
Waitress: uhm of Course what did you think
MrMary: I had a swimming accident sorry ( kicks ToughGuy ever so gentle under the table to make him ask)
Waitress: oh I’m sorry to hear that…what happened
MrMary:  I was swimming laps at the pool and some portly fellow dove landed on me and I …
ToughGuy: [Interrupting] We will all take another one of these and he will have another jack and Coke – and it’s on his tab, the swimming accident dude
Waitress: (giggles) … ok sure
ToughGuy: He seems to think your  vegetarian
MrMary: or Vegan
Waitress: Wow how did you know, I’m a vegetarian
MrMary: I’d love to tell you but I can’t give it away, It would be like asking The Colonel for the special recipe, or asking Lindsay Lohan for her secret septum plugging formula
Waitress: He’s one of a kind isn’t he
BigTyme: Don’t humor him – He will like it and probably take it too far… I’m saying this as his lawyer
MrMary: He wears a suit to such a classy place like this, he definitely must be trusted
Waitress: (giggles).. I will be back with your drinks guys

MrMary: You each got to get me a drink
BigTyme: How did you guess ?
ToughGuy: You know dis broad from elsewhere (yes people still use the word broad)
MrMary: It’s all elementary my dear friends … I saw her take down a double shot of something with that crowd of girls that came in, they’re right there still the Hello Kitty Convention that came in
BigTyme: Hello Kitty Convention?
MrMary: yeah the [insert euphemism for female genitalia] is all flashy with presentation but useless after you get past that
ToughGuy to BigTyme: He’s been like this all fucking night… I dunno man he was using the word squat-fuck like it was going outta style
BigTyme: As your lawyer I can’t see how this is gonna help you’re image

MrMary: Do you pricks wanna know or not … yeah ? …. good…  I believe that the thread of irony is a major constitutent to the tapestry that is human existence
ToughGuy: Holy shit we got fucking billy Shakespeare at our table
BigTyme: Ah yes the bard, welcome
Mrmary: (sings)

By Gis and by St Charity alack and fie for shame
Young men will do it if they come to it
by Cock they are to Blame

Opehlia’s song …. end scene 

ToughGuy: You memorized that just because it’s the dirtiest line in Hamlet
MrMary: I like putting out the educated, raunchy, and sexually uninhibited by Christian values vibe…  plus in middle English Gis was a contracted or shortened form for Jesus and Cock was a reference to God . Shakespeare was really dirty. The Word Nothing in Middle English was a reference to a female’s sexual organ hence the sexual subtext of Much Ado about Nothing.
BigTyme: I see why you drink alone ….  anyways….. about the waitress cmon stay focused
MrMary: Oh yeah I felt that the most ironic thing a female vegan/vegetarian could do would be to like a good piece of meat, but since she can’t completely suppress the need for  ingesting meat well  she would find a substitute for it …. and from the way she took down the double shot without coughing or choking like the some of the girls in the convention did …well gentleman….. I rest my case

[general chuckling….]

Look at Pamela Anderson. She is was a vegetarian but yet still video taped that homage to meat-sampling. In all honesty I took a gamble worse came to worse She would say: “I like a good piece of meat” and I would have had a some material I could use for that

BigTyme: We’re your only friends aren’t we ?
MrMary: Pretty much, why dont you come sit on my lap Sexy and give me one of those friendly hugs your known for in the law office [blows a kiss to BigTyme]
ToughGuy: Ahh you havent changed at all which is refreshing and scary.

MrMary: Consistency counts anyways let’s  go somewhere else after this, its getting to crowded ….


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