How-to: Suckage Revisited


The Lovely Ms Jen and Tonic shares some of her wisdom, its nice seeing her so passionate and fired up, It gave me some chub but not enough that would bar me from my day to day functioning

Originally posted on Sips of Jen and Tonic:

NaNoWriNO Day 3

Topic: Why are people so stupid?


Trying to figure out why people are so stupid is like trying to figure out the meaning of life. I racked my brain, trying to factor in all cultural, gender-specific, socioeconomic and religious reasons as to why people choose to degrade themselves with doltish behavior. After several paragraphs, and shedding a lifetime’s worth of tears on my keyboard, I sounded so bitter and maniacal Ann Coulter would have been proud of me.

I was struggling because not only had I ingested a whole bottle of NyQuil (I was out of vodka) but also because I’m a solutions-oriented person. While I think it’s important to find out why a problem is occurring, it’s ultimately more important to fix it.

I wrote a post last year outlining simple tips on how not to suck as a person. I think this is the…

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