Trying to Get back to the gym consistently any tips or suggestions

MyMary in the Gym

I spent hours going through his encyclopedia of bodybuilding and about 1.5 -2 hours in the gym working out on a split routine

When I was younger  I was a very sickly kid. Actually from what my parents tell me for a while the doctors didn’t know if I would make it through infancy. I was forbidden to play sports unless I wanted to play track and field and I got my first dumb-bells one  summer when my pops told me I was starting to look  and before soon I would be spending my money on hair products, sewing, and talking with a lisp. (I wish I was joking)

College came and I  dropped down from a stocky 200 to 185. I had abs and was single which didnt make much sense to me. Then I started working out with a  friend of mine and I bulked up from 185 to 250 in about 2 years. My best numbers were during this time were

Bench press : 1 rep Max 500lbs Deadlifts: 1 rep max 550lbs Squats: 1 rep max 600 lbs

Then like between working and graduate school I didn’t work out for a good 5 years. I started working out again when I started this blog Nov-Dec 2011 because it helped get me stirred out of the depressive episode I was in at the moment.

How Things have Changed

While for the most part my depressive episode has passed I am having trouble staying motivated to work out and sometimes sleeping. In the past I had a world-class  work out buddy that motivated me a lot. But now I feel lacking in the motivation department and I figure I would ask you guys for any tips or  advice ? Or just some suggestions to try something new, new routine etc. I have heard many people mention cross fit. Have any of you tried any feed back

Goal wise I want to get back to lifting what I was doing before. I have even toyed with the idea of trying an amateur body building (natural) if I can be consistent, just for shits and giggles. It’s a nice counter to reading and writing and all the cerebral work I do. At the present gym I go to I am not impressed with the trainers there they are very feminine looking (when did that become popular for dudes)  and very handsy.

I’m 5’9 and 240lbs –  I have posted these pics as part of a joke online her before. But I will post again  for you to get a general idea Any thoughts or  advice is  greatly appreciated – MrMary

This was MrMary in College



This is what I look like now:

11 thoughts on “Trying to Get back to the gym consistently any tips or suggestions

  1. Try something new, that’s more of a social element, which might also help with your mood – like a new class at the gym that you wouldn’t previously have considered. Cardio is great for an endorphin rush that boosts the mood, I really notice if I haven’t been in a week that I’m mad grumpy.


  2. Crossfit/sports condtioning/body weight exercises is where it’s at right now, though if you want to do body building you are going to have to actually lift. I say mix it up. Whatever you do, keep the exercises to things that involve more than one muscle group – squats, lunges, pushups, stuff like that. Forget the bicep curls LOL. Right now, I’m doing Insanity, along with some other stuff. It is actually insane. Very hard but will whip you into shape. You can do it at home with no equipment. Think of as many ways to do a jumping squat or a pushup, and that’s pretty much it. Also BodyRock is great. I can’t handle the fake breasts on the woman who does it, but she has some great exercises. Mix into the crossfit/sports conditioning type stuff some good cardio – does your gym have spinning? And do some heavier weights maybe once a week, and I’d say you’re good to go. To do bodybuilding you almost have to hire a trainer, if you were serious or unless you knew a lot. OK, I’ll stop. The fitness demon has come out. I’m feeling like I want my old job back.


    1. Fern Thanks for the info,

      I’ve been looking a lot at crossfit but it is inordinately expensive here in the NYC. Compound exercises are the core of my practice at the moment, squats, deadlift and bench press. I’m trying to get more into full body weights exercises: dips/pull ups/push ups. I will check to see if my gym has spinning. Thanks a lot for the info it got me thinking a lot and revising what I do , You’re awesome



  3. Are those really your photos? I am duly impressed.

    I am always recommending Zuzka Light and her ZWOW workouts (previously Bodyrock) but it’s more fitness than bodybuilding, it’s not really focused on gaining body mass that much. But the workouts are short and sweet (and exhausting, damn it) and there is a fantastic community around Zuzka (find her on facebook) that is really motivating.


  4. Hey Mr Mary,
    I thought I’d commented (clearly my iPhone enjoys being tapped) if you’re on Facebook two pages to check out are “Ironfit” and “Forged from Fat” run by two great guys, currently Forged is getting seriously into his convict conditioning and he has done cross fit too, he is also following the paleo lifestyle, and has plenty of tips and both have recipe suggestions on their pages for people to try out and forged is normally more than happy to have a chat about his regime and suggest tweaks for others, hope this has helped… Oh and you are buff 🙂 x


  5. yes forget the gym and get outdoors, chop wood, pitch manure, landscaping … work those muscles and then you have more than just ripped body to show, without actually “working out”


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