Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Happy Halloween, kids — here’s some cocaine!

For parents in Royton, England, it was almost a case of more than just intense sugar highs from all that Halloween candy keeping their kids up. Police have arrested a 33-year-old man for allegedly handing out baggies of cocaine to little trick-or-treaters. Two bags of cocaine were recovered after parents alerted police, and thus the children’s experience with this class A drug was postponed by at least a few years. It is not clear whether the packets of drugs were given to children on purpose or by accident, but we wonder if some parents would have been happy not to report this “trick” and simply take the spoils as part of the Mom & Dad Tax on candy. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

Wait so let me get this straight this guy  gave these kids cocaine but he did not:

  1. Wear  priest Collar
  2. Charge them money
  3. Sodomize them
  4. invite them to search for candy in his pockets having moment before cut them out (the pockets)

So whats the harm? If Kids are going to be the leaders of a better tomorrow shouldn’t their exposure to real world issues take precedence?  We spend million here in the states for the war on drugs. The money we spend allows us to ignore the sovereignty of other countries and use a special resource to police the populace. Who can forget Oliver North using drug money to sell Arms to Iran,  about 20-30 yeas after the US tag teamed with Great Britain to topple a democratically elected government in Iran because of a want to nationalize the petroleum industry. Cocaine allows us to wield influence over Latin America so why shouldn’t these kids take some blow?

I got one two words Steven Seagal,



The cynicism in this article made me shake my head:

and thus the children’s experience with this class A drug was postponed by at least a few years.

That sums it all up there is no need to comment after that. When I read that line I knew all I could do was tell a few jokes because that was it.



  1. Is it sad that a couple of my friends decided to dress up and head up to Manchester in hope of finding more of such presents?


    • Its not sad at all my dear, jsut tell your friend that the police or the “bobby” or Scotland yard prolly has the place under surveillance. I’m guessing if the dude can give coke away for free he will have enough to post bail. Find him at the pub or the local supermarket might be better


  2. Hey MrMary, If you’re on Facebook check out these pages “forged from fat” and “ironfit” both run by great guys… I know at the minute forged is doing convict conditioning and had been doing cross fit and is following a paleo lifestyle great guy to talk to for training advice, paleo recipes etc a proper little community going on 🙂 hope this has helped… 🙂 x


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