Jocular look @ Today’s News || Thirsty, horny cop offers courtroom amnesia in exchange for beer

Kicking ass and taking names all day can give a man a powerful thirst. Back in March, Const. Robert Sparling breath-tested 21-year-old Marlee Viggers who registered a blood-alcohol level two-and-a-half times the legal limit after crashing her pickup. Weeks later, the two were in the same bar in Sarnia, Canada, when Sparling sent Viggers a text message with the offer: “If you buy me a beer, I’ll forget everything at trial.” Not surprisingly Viggers’ attorney brought the text up in court in a bid to make the cop look like an unreliable witness. It didn’t work and the woman was fined $1,500 and banned from driving for a year. The cop will be investigated internally, and the judge described his actions as “utter stupidity.” [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

As some who has had to wrestle and fight black person I can tell tell you beating down on them can really work up an appetite for beer as well getting some. At least that’s the message I get from Colonial America and the popularity of porking slaves and their frequent beatdowns.

On a serious note: I cant stand fucking cops. Maybe I am biased  you tell me:

10-year-old kid tased by a cop during school career day

Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police,” Officer Christopher Webb allegedly said, just before firing his Taser into the chest of a 10-year-old boy. The New Mexico cop was at an elementary school career day and had asked the kids to clean his patrol car. When the boy said no, Webb taught him a 50,000 volt lesson. Webb has been suspended — he said he “didn’t realize” the Taser X26 was loaded — but the boy’s parents have filed a lawsuit against him and the Department of Public Safety. “[The child has] woken up in the middle of the night holding his chest, afraid he is never going to wake up again,” the lawsuit says. [Source]

Church lady plays tambourine during sermon, gets Tased

When praising the lord, don’t be shy about it, but do keep your tambourine playing in check, lest you want a sheriff’s deputy to Taser you into compliance. This bizarre scene unfolded during a service in Oklahoma when 50-year-old Vickey Sue Beyersdorfer began playing her tambourine so disruptively, fellow worshipers couldn’t focus on the sermon. Beyersdorfer refused to stop and an off-duty deputy decided to escort her outside, but when she tried to get back in the church, a scuffle broke out and the officer had to use his pepper spray and Taser to get her under control. Prescription pain medication was found on her, but a sheriff’s department spokesman said Beyersdorfer “was not filled with the holy spirit. She was not being very Christianly.”

Milwaukee police officers will stand trial in cavity search case

A judge on Friday ruled prosecutors have sufficient probable cause to go forward with a case against four Milwaukee police officers charged with conducting illegal rectal searches of suspects.  Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Wagner made his decision at the preliminary examination, after about three hours of testimony from Milwaukee police detective Justin Carloni, who recapped testimony nine victims gave at a secret John Doe proceeding that led up to the charges, filed last month. The complaint lays out in graphic detail how the primary suspect, Officer Michael Vagnini, conducted searches of men’s anal and scrotal areas, often inserting his fingers into their rectums. Vagnini acknowledged performing one of the searches. At least one suspect said Vagnini planted drugs on him.

Police Chief Auto-Deleting Emails Containing Phrases Like “Police Brutality

In totally amazing HOLY SHIT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OUR NATION’S POLICE DEPARTMENTS news, Oakland, CA’s police chief Howard Jordan is facing legal action that could cost him his job. Why? Well, because he was filtering emails containing phrases like ‘police brutality’ and ‘stop the excessive police force,’ straight to the trash folder. See, what normal people do with LinkedIn updates and Romney for America forwards from clueless family members, Jordan did with urgent emails from a public he’s supposed to serve.

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