MrMary’s 2012 “Have You Been Experienced Blog Tour” || Showing Some Love for My Followers

I have always prided myself on being an honest person. It is my need for self accountability that has spawned this post. Recently I have had gained a lot of followers.  I want to be able to interact and support you all but I am only one man. Every day a few hundred posts for me to read through. Due to the time constraints of working two jobs, writing, working out, and my chronic masturbation, it would be impossible to get to everyone. This kind of bothers me.  As  blogger I get an erection every time I get a like/ comment which if you think about it sheds a lot of light on the chronic masturbation issue…. seize the day has always been my motto. I want to do my part to return the favor. I don’t wanna be one of those bloggers that just follow just to boost up my numbers.

The Solution

I had tons of fun playing around with Ms. Jen and Tonic, we also after the fooling around was over we did an interview which I posted yesterday.The fun wasn’t one-sided we both walked away (if you can call it walking) from the experience with some pep in our step  and deficient in protein – from the intense mentation required to produce such a great interview.  So while I was still basking in the euphoric after-effects I thought why not each week go do a chit-chat/interview/dialogue/ with one of my followers. That way I can do my part to support my homeys online and still have fun, and bring joy (that what I call it) to others. So I proudly present

How The Blog Tour Works

I currently have 200 something followers. There are two ways which this will go down:

  1. You can leave a comment below letting me know you want to participate in MrMary 2012 Have You Been Experienced Blog Tour  Make sure to leave an email and I will contact you shortly.
  2. There are some of you who for some reason or other want me to work for it, so I will  go down, my list of course, emailing and asking you if you’re down for the tour.


Depending on how many of you take me seriously  I will set a schedule and dates. I will post these dates in my side bar and I will give at the end of the tour all my participants some MrMary paraphernalia I have been creating and testing out in secret.  If this goes well I will  go on tour maybe twice a year spread the love to all those blogger who follow me and who I follow.

For Those who Want to participate

If you take part I will create a badge for you that you can post on your blog letting the world know, You’ve been experienced. No need for stress, I am a gentleman – this won’t devolve into some innuendo filled dialogue unless you want it to. Take a look around the blog, I’m well verse in many areas 🙂 But leave it to me to put you at ease and work around your schedule.


I don’t discriminate on the basis of age , sex , sexual orientation, race, the type of pet you have, whether you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or Not. This blog tour is open to everyone don’t let some double entendre and a few dirty jokes stand between you and the pleasure of chilling with MrMary 🙂


  1. So rarely does the opportunity to interact with a self-described “chronic mastuator” present itself, particularly in my line of work. I would love to go on tour with you. But, I warn you, I may just be in it for the fabulous prizes!

    You can contact me via my About page, as I currently have ove 10,000 emails, which should be an indication of how often I check my email!


  2. Ooh, that sounds exciting, thank you for pointing me to that.
    I am always up for a challenge (probably too much for my own good), so if you want me… I’m in.

    You might have figured out innuendos is what makes me get up in the morning.


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