It’s National Cat Day: 5 Things You Can Do to Celebrate It

As you all know. I am at times quite serious and quite out there in my own little world.  I like to surreptitiously mix the sacred and the profane. For this post I looked took suggestions for how to celebrate the cat in your life and I used my creativity to  make it visually appealing. I hope you enjoy it


How To Celebrate National Cat Day

Felines are cuddly, purry and lovable, as well as distinguished, sweet and refined. (Well, most of them.) Kittens curl up at your feet when you need a companion, or dash through the house to keep the mice at bay — if you’re lucky, they’ll even show you their prize! There are fat cats, skinny cats, lazy cats, fast cats, snooty cats, cross-eyed cats, bouncy cats and smooth cats.

Activity #1: Enjoy some Seafood

It’s been long know that there is a serious relationship between seafoods and cats. My cat loved being fed tuna. I don’t know about your cat but today you defininitely take the time to enjoy some seafood to honor our furry friend


Activity #2: Put Toys Inside a random Box

Cat and boxes are pretty much synonymous. Put balls or toys inside and watch them delight in some moments of fun


Activity #3 Rub your Head Against it

To make your cat love you, you should rub your head against it. In Nature that is how cats and many felines show each other love


Activity #4 Create a Blog for your Pussy Cat

Why wait for another Web site to realize the brilliance your cat has to offer? Start spreading the news yourself by creating a blog, Facebook fan page, or Twitter account for kitty. You can create posts written from your cat’s perspective and incorporate photos and videos of his day-to-day life


Activity # 5: Make Grooming fun

Couldn’t pass this up

Most cats love being stroked and enjoy the feeling of light grooming. It’s good social behavior — cats who get along well will blissfully groom each other for long periods of time. When it’s time to do some grooming, approach your cat in a friendly way, and intersperse the grooming strokes with some regular petting.

My favorite Cat: Henri The Existential Cat



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