Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Man sues wife, wins $120k after their ‘ugly’ baby is born

Disclaimer: I put this picture here because this baby us making a funny face , not because i think he is ugly

We promise this is an actual lawsuit and not  just a harsh snap we heard while playing the dozens: A woman in China was sued by her husband after she gave birth to a baby the husband considered so ugly he insisted she must have had an affair. After all, his wife was gorgeous and he clearly believes he is a dreamboat, so how could they have an ugly baby? When it came to light the woman had had a lot of plastic surgery before they met and the new daughter merely inherited her old face, the man not only divorced his wife, but sued her for the equivalent of $120,000 — and won. The presiding judge ruled the man had technically married the woman under “false pretenses.” Regardless of how his wife looks, she’s better off without a guy so hideous on the inside. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

That’s just fucking wrong. If I was the lady I would take counter sue and force the dude to take a paternity test proving that it is hi baby and that he is 50% for its so-called “ugliness”. I’m also kind of curious that during the course of their courtship before marriage he didn’t notice that she had rubber mask for a face ? Didn’t she have a family ? I mean she is under no obligation to tell the dude that she had a different face before, but I mean wouldn’t that come up once in the course of getting to know the person. I think that a pretty chauvinistic ruling by the judge. It sets a terrible precedence legally. Plus the kid is a baby. I think new-born look wet and very frail. After some time they grow and their look starts to set in. That kid is gonna have some therapy visits.



  1. This is China we’re talking about. They drown girl babies under certain circumstances. And it’s China! So, the judge being sexist should come as no surprise. In China. Where human rights violations abound. I’m happy the woman was not sentenced to death.


    • this kind of news makes me a bit sick in my mouth even though its china. They just blocked the NY times because they wrote an article depicting on the wealth of this one dude and his family. Its terrible all the money that is flowing into china now combined with all the suppression might turn super volatile soon


      • It should make us all sick.

        We should also be more than a little bit fearful that they “own” us. They do. It’s not a comforting thought!


      • I really feel all of this is going to come to a point of no return I feel. Yeah I do feel though java that the amount of money we owe the Chinese government is shocking and it makes me scared about foreign policy and the influence a foreign government can have on us.


    • Yes, in China you are taxed if you have more than one child I believe… So the most wanted children are boys… It has been reported that girls are drowned because of this…. Shocking altogether… 👎


  2. How stupid. Most newborns look like lizards. My younger daughter looked like a bright red Don King when she was first born (black hair shooting everywhere). She cutened up after a month or so. Just WTF on this guy here. You’d think the woman might have gotten a clue about his assholishness before this incident.


    • Actually I remember when I saw my lil sister like a day or too after she was born. She looked weird. I mean this guys a total douche there are so many people around the world who wish they could have a child and this asshole does this kinda shit.


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