Unlike Justin Timberlake & Friends Seeing Homelessness is Heartbreaking for me

There I was on the corner of 86th street and Lexington on the Upper East side talking with a friend and right in front of me I notice a lady with a  cute dog sifting through the garbage. She is older maybe in her 60’s and from her clothes one can tell she has been on hard times for a while.  People pass her by and she is actually invisible. Some people throw garbage into the can  she is sifting through, one woman in  fancy power suit and briefcase sneered at her for being in her way and slowing her down. She was late to yoga or zumba or some nonsense and had managed to inhale a protein/exercise/fitness bar and needed to throughout the  wrapping and this woman sifting through the garbage was in her way.  I saw this happen again and again, and got increasingly angrier each time. While she maybe poor and sifting through garbage she was a human being for fucks sake. But everyone was too busy living a life they didn’t want on time they didn’t have. The worse part of it all, the worst part was that no one saw how clean and well-kept her dog was. No mats in his fur. His hair styled and nails trimmed just right. That means even in her state she sound something redeeming and worth spending her time and attention on. That means she respected a sincere friendship  not caring if it was with a dog. Homeless people or people on dire straits have the best dogs have you noticed ? The image of her sifting through  the garbage and invisible to everyone at large made me feel really sick to my stomach. Actually it reminded me of some lines in a song I used to know as a kid:

(rough/ coarse translation)

Un malheureux chien qui vous suit sur un trottoir // A sad dog that follows you on a side walk
Avec tant d’amour tant de cœoeur dans le regard // With so much love, so much heart in his eyes
Et qui reste là à la porte de chez vous // and who stop there at the door of your house
En sachant déjà que sa vie ne tient qu’à vous // Knowing already that you are his life

The Article that Pissed me Off

While I was writing some thoughts on a news article like I normally do, I came across this article:

Joke Timberlake/Biel wedding video featuring homeless people backfires

A private joke video made for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel‘s lavish wedding entitled “Greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldn’t make it,” featuring homeless people sending their best wishes to the happy couple, has been leaked online. The video was played for guests at the Italian nuptials, which are rumored to have cost the celebrity couple $6.5 million. Justin Huchel, an old friend of Timberlake’s who made the video, is none too happy at Gawker for posting an excerpt and has threatened legal action. Reportedly comprising eight minutes of interviews with homeless people, street musicians and transsexuals on the streets of L.A., the video excerpt includes hilarious one-liners such as “My gift is in the mail.” Presumably that’s funny because it was uttered by a guy who looks like he doesn’t even have one measly property to his name. [Source]

When I see stuff that’s not right it gets me angry. I cannot judge JT and friends, I cannot comment on the state of their “heart” or how good or bad they are as people. I wouldn’t know. I just know that the behavior to me feels in bad taste. When is it ok to mix a $6.5 million wedding and homeless people on video as a private fucking joke – how do those two thing go together ? Ok I had to vent. I’m better now.

We can’t stay mad for too long right , JT did bring us Sexy Back


  1. When I read about that video I almost blew a gasket. It was apparently a friend of JT’s, who thought it would be a HOOT to make a video with homeless people. I will never understand why he would think that was funny.


  2. At least JT had nothing to do with it. That’s something, anyway. I wonder how much his friend’s “gift” is going to ultimately cost Timberlake? H seems like a stand-up guy. I Imagine he will donate a significant amount of money to some homeless group or another to prove that he was not making fun of the homeless, nor did he hand them $40 under false pretenses.


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