Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Feds sue Mississippi town for alleged ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline

Today’s SMH news comes from Meridian, Miss., where the federal government is accusing the city of being part of a countywide “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which members of the largely black student population were routinely denied their basic constitutional rights by being sent to court and incarcerated for minor infractions in school. Like violating the dress code or talking back to the teacher. The suit alleges that the city — along with Lauderdale County, county youth court judges and the state Division of Youth Services — regularly handcuffed, arrested and jailed students without a hearing. The Justice Department filed the lawsuit two months after warning state and local officials that a lawsuit would be filed if they didn’t cooperate within 60 days. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

I really hope this is a joke. I really hope that I will wake up from a nap tomorrow and someone will tell me D-Bo (nickname)  it was all a dream it’s not real. This shit is giving me a headache.

“The life of the nation is shot through with a certain falseness and hypocrisy, which are all the more tragic because they are so often subconscious rather than deliberate … The soul of the people is putrescent, and until that becomes regenerate and clean, no good work can be done.”


A Comment

They’ll just end up in prison eventually, why not get them used to it early in life. It’ll make the time easier on them. The Feds should be funding this program.

I don’t let comments like this bug me too much. It’s just ashamed that there are many people who think like this.  During the course of the primaries and the Election I have heard everything one could hear about race. It’s really exhausting I must say. Sometimes I feel that it’s a pipe dream – the idea that one day I will just be “Mrmary’s Real Name” not the black guy in that office, or when I get a good job someone will think I earned like everyone else. No one will ask if I got a sports scholarship to college, or what public housing was like or if finally I was raised by my grandmother .

See I didn’t talk about the prison industrial complex or anything or the sort nefarious:

2 thoughts on “Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Feds sue Mississippi town for alleged ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline

  1. That sounded like an Uncle Ruckus (no relation) comment. I glanced at the storyline on Huffington Post earlier and meant to read it but the synopsis you gave let me know everything I needed to know about the story and also confirms my belief that some segments of our population literally could care less about anybody but themselves (read: Racism is alive and well).

    Oh by the way, I finally got to check out The Campaign the other night…. Funniest. Movie. Ever. As a matter of fact, I think I’m getting ready to watch it again tonight.


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