Jocular Look Special Edition: MrMary Talks Art and Strippers

While some men would answer in the affirmative if you asked them whether a lap dance is a great work of art, New York’s highest court doesn’t agree. Nite Moves in Albany, N.Y., had filed a suit arguing sales tax shouldn’t be slapped on private dances and strip club admission because these entertainments qualify for the “dramatic or musical arts performances” tax exemption. Three of the judges on the case thought so too, noting dancing is choreography and boy, do these ladies dance. But the other four judges won out, saying “women gyrating on a pole to music, however artistic or athletic their practiced moves are,” doesn’t promote culture in the community like, say, ballet. “Culture” is in the eye of the ogling beholder, surely?

MrMary Weighs In

I saw this Monet painting at the MOMA the Other day. It was exquisite the colors and textures, the use of light really unbelievable. I must have been transfixed there for a while. Despite the fact that it was an orgiastic feast for all the senses I didn’t pop a boner. That to me is something quite important. It is my belief that through art one can tell truths about the human existence. By truths I don’t mean facts, like acceleration due to gravity in the Earth is a constant: 9.81m/s^2. I mean experiential truths born from moments of contentment, joy, bliss, sorrow, spontaneous  laughter, lugubriousness etc. When done sincerely by someone who has mastered their particular medium of expression  we have something that can liberate us in a sense, we have something that may allow us to see beyond  myopic outlook. There are other creative works which do not have the same transcendental quality to them. They serve to incite not only our animal passions, but make us want to possess the mean through which we fulfill them.  These are two different things, no one method is better than the other. They both serve a purpose but I hardly find anythign transcendental about stripping other than the the stain remover I spray on my crotch that just lifts the stains out.

Side Note:

Edvard Munch: The Scream

MOMA 5th Floor








October 24, 2012–April 29, 2013

Anyone checked it out yet ?




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