Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Restaurant’s one-way mirror in bathroom isn’t creepy, it’s ‘art’

File photo of women at a bathroom mirror (© Jena Cumbo/Getty Images)

Restaurant’s one-way mirror in bathroom isn’t creepy, it’s ‘art’

Ladies, if you choose to freshen up in the restroom of Dots Experimental Sushi in Vienna, Austria, be warned that you are being watched — by the men in the adjoining men’s room. Artist Alexander Riegler has installed a one-way mirror in the bathroom as part of an “art” project that he hopes will “stir people into a discussion of voyeurism and surveillance.” But now there’s a warning sign after a few women became perturbed to know that men were looking in on them. Can’t imagine why they weren’t pleased. Men can only see the women while they’re at the sink, but in January, the mirror will flip and allow women to peek in on men doing their business at urinals. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

Why can’t we just say: “Hey let’s have a public discussion on voyeurism and surveillance” and then meet somewhere to discuss it? I’m  not so certain why art is being kidnapped by self-referential sensationalism. This is a bit of an invasion of privacy. When my date goes to the lady’s room I don’t want to witness the process of her creating the face she wants me and the rest of the restaurant to see. That’s best left for later on.

Maybe I’m biased

I grew up very traditionally. I was taught that women were the fairer sex, they were ultimately our better halves: well-mannered, sophisticated, charming. For a while I sincerely believed it too until I had a job at the gym and I had to clean up the women’s locker room/ladies room.

One toilet was clogged, which wasn’t a problem it was the area around it, covered in fecal matter. I should have to mention but I will, at the other end of the stalls there was blood everywhere.

It was a horrible experience, and maybe my reaction at first was a little knee-jerkish after all guys can just see girls at the sink. In January as well women get to see men at the sink. Knowing how dudes are this will mean a lot of crotch grabbing and junk-showing. Want a side order of ballsack with that ?


Ladies can I offer some advise: living off a diet of low fat hot pockets and cabbage may in fact help your figure but at the same time you are destroying humanity!


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