My Thanks 2 Everyone, A Shout out to Le Clown, & More Inappropriate comments

As you all know I love to poke fun at things and a few days ago I did so again at the expense of  WordPress and their sacrosanct institution that is ‘FreshlyPressed’. I was inspired by a comment from  Edward Hotspur (Captn. of Team Edward) specifically:

Freshly Pressed does focus on certain types of posts. I realize there are something like a million posts a day, and they can’t get to them all, but once a post got FP’d that was literally one picture of a rake leaning against a wall, and one picture of three newspapers in a driveway. That’s it. After that, I stopped giving a crap, because FP is off the rails.

I said it has been a while since I lampooned WordPress and FreshlyPressed. Then as fate would so have it the Daily Post at WordPress published an article about what makes a post freshly Pressed. This time they used  a freshly pressed post  as an example of what we should aspire to, to get freshly pressed. It was a “gripping” post where some lady talks about the death of her ex Husband and his final days. It was a very good read. I thought it would be funny to follow the advice laid out in this post but in another context: that of my prostate exam which was very dramatic and gripping. Check out the post: I have this shame that won’t go – A Satirical Open Letter to WordPress about Freshly Pressed

End result I didn’t get freshly pressed  but I got a comment from Le Clown.

Monsieur Le Clown & How I see Comedy

If you are not following him you should be, click right here it just so happened that the powers that be interviewed Monsieur Le Clown. it was an interesting coincidence and his comment prompted me to share this thought about comedy:

The passage of time is whats makes the same event both a tragedy as well as a comedy. I remember once being so incredible sick and having to go to the ER, and I remember how I dragged myself to work, high on oxycodone the next day. At the time work was all I had left, no food in the apartment for myself,  another eviction notice,  to have laid in bed to me at the time would have been to give up on the only thing tying me to daily life and existence. It was grueling, for the first time I felt my morning commute. I felt each step, I felt every push on the crowded train.

A year later that experience has become one of my signature jokes. When you are high on opiate derived pain medication NYC women are a lot more pleasant and easier to tolerate, and the smell of urine that is sometimes ubiquitous feels like a light airy cologne. All of  a sudden the homeless don’t look so threatening, and the little school children sitting there lamenting  their warm beds and lonely toys, have a redemptive air to them which is what attracts the Catholic priests in the first place.

So with that said, reading that a doctor’s ring finger in my anus managed to make someone laugh is gold, especially when that person is known for making people laugh. If I had known about how my anus was a source of mirth and joy in a non-homosexual way I would have definitely used it on my online dating profiles:

I’m a Real Man Because I don’t Fear the Finger

So thanks to all of you who have been reading my nonsense.  Thanks to all of you who comment, like  and who converse with me on here twitter and FaceBook. It’s only Fitting since M. Le Clown is French Canadian character to be drinking Blanche de Chambly from Unibroue Brewery- Le Fierté  de Quebec, and listening to this ‘chantson’ by Aznavour

Salut a tous

Si vous voulez voir confondus les coquins
Dans une histoire un peu triste
Où tout s´arrange à la fin
Si vous aimez voir trembler les amoureux
Vous lamenter sur Baptiste
Ou rire avec les heureux
Poussez la toile et entrez donc vous installer
Sous les étoiles le rideau va se lever
Quand les trois coups retentiront dans la nuit
Ils vont renaître à la vie, les comédiens


Les comédiens ont démonté leurs tréteaux
Ils ont ôté leur estrade
Et plié les calicots
Ils laisseront au fond du cœur de chacun
Un peu de la sérénade
Et du bonheur d´Arlequin
Demain matin quand le soleil va se lever
Ils seront loin, et nous croirons avoir rêvé
Mais pour l´instant ils traversent dans la nuit
D´autres villages endormis, les comédiens



  1. I would be interested to know what is WP’s method to select their Freshly Pressed posts. I’d like to be a fly on a wall. They can’t possibly follow us all. Do they looks at stats and charts. I wonder. I enjoyed your post and your lovely song.


    • I wouldn’t be surprise if there method involved animal sacrifice, inebriation, and a bacchanalian type of orgy. I’m afraid that if they were to publish their method everyone would see that it’s bullshit and they would loose all credibility. Just my two cents….


    • It was ok but to be honest I felt it was lacking. I find blue moon to have a better body and mouth feel. I found it to be a bit watery the spice profile was as apparent in the taste was it was in the nose.

      Don’t get me wrong its still good beer and I would drink it happily but it did not live up to expectations after having, Maudite, Trois Pistoles, and Fin du Monde.

      What beers do you like from Canada or in general?


      • Those beers you mention are very highly regarded but somehow the orchard fruitiness of them is just too much…Recently I tried Parallel 49’s Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter and I swear it was the best beer I had all year.


  2. I haven’t heard a Charles Aznavour song since I moved out of my parent’s house. Ah, the memories. Not good ones, mind you. But memories, nonetheless.


      • No. They are not. That would make sense. My parents never really dealt in sense. They just liked him. I was forced to accompany my mother, not once, but twice to Radio City Music Hall to see him “live”. Talk about your teenage dreams.


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