Jocular Look @ Todays News || Abercrombie jet crew had to fold CEO’s TP, play Phil Collins

We’ve probably all had an overly controlling boss at some point, but few can hold a candle to the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO. Michael Jeffries reportedly insisted that the male models/stewards on his corporate jet wear boxer briefs, flip-flops, no coats (unless it was below 50 degrees outside) and his preferred cologne, which they were to “spritz” themselves with at regular intervals. In a 40-page “Aircraft Standards” manual filed in a 2010 age-discrimination lawsuit and just made public, Jeffries also specified that staffers were to respond “no problem” to any request, fold the toilet paper according to his detailed instructions and play Phil Collins‘ “Take Me Home” on return flights. Run, smooth-chested pretty boys, run! [Source]

MrMary Weighs in

In the US Election campaigns we have heard a lot about the rich, how we cannot raise taxes on them because they are job creators. We heard a lot about the 1% all the time in the media and what struck me the most was the disconnect between them and many other Americans.  I was always taken aback by a lot of the excessive behaviors of the rich people and really wondered about whether someone so far removed from the everyday  person could create a healthy work place environment for other not of his status and financial mobility. Articles like this paint an interesting picture for me at least.

Because of the recession employers can  squeeze every last dime out of their workers. Nowadays it is considered a privilege to have a job so if you complain about crazy unhealthy conditions you are ungrateful and will be fired. Also young impressionable college students would be happy to put up with  nonsense for less pay because they are just starting out.


I think the creation of jobs is important but also making sure they are as safe mentally and emotionally for the  workers is extremely important too. This kind of behavior is unacceptable unless it is done by Sir Elton John or  Liberace on set for a big concert. According to what people say maybe he belongs in that company. No politician really has talked about working to ensure a healthy workplace and its a real shame especially when you see the following graphs.

Some graphs

[taken from:]

Productivity has surged, but income and wages have stagnated for most Americans. If the median household income had kept pace with the economy since 1970, it would now be nearly $92,000, not $50,000.

The sectors that have contributed the most to the country’s overall economic growth have lagged when it comes to creating jobs.

  • Increase in real value of the minimum wage since 1990: 21%
  • Increase in cost of living since 1990: 67%
  • One year’s earnings at the minimum wage:$15,080
  • Income required for a single worker to have real economic security: $30,000

For Americans as a whole, the length of a typical workweek hasn’t changed much in years. But for many middle-class workers, job obligations are creeping into free time and family time. For low-income workers, hours have declined due to a shrinking job market, causing underemployment.

  • Median yearly earnings of:
  • Union workers: $47,684
  • Non-union workers: $37,284

More and more, US multinationals are laying off workers at home and hiring overseas.

The US is part of a very small club of nations that don’t require…

A survey of employed email users finds:

  • 22% are expected to respond to work email when they’re not at work.
  • 50% check work email on the weekends.
  • 46% check work email on sick days.
  • 34% check work email while on vacation.

Working moms pick up more child care and household duties than working dads—about 80 minutes more every day. Meanwhile, dads enjoy nearly 50 more minutes of watching TV and other leisure activities on a daily basis.

Thanks, guys—you’re pitching in more than twice as much as you did in the ’70s. But women still get stuck with the majority of work around the house.

3 thoughts on “Jocular Look @ Todays News || Abercrombie jet crew had to fold CEO’s TP, play Phil Collins

  1. Thanks for this post. I feel that too many ignore the facts. What I find fascinating is how many of the poor vote to protect the rich. I am wealthy (to an extent) and I have no problem paying more in Taxes and giving more. Mostly though, this is because I am not greedy and I am educated.


    1. I think politician do a good job using fear to get people to vote. I have some thoughts about how and why they are able to do this, maybe I will post it later. Thomas Jefferson said democracy can only work with an educated populace and many people I think at this present moment in time aren’t educated so they give into fear and social conditioning. Just my two cents i didnt mean to yammer on


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