Jocular Look @ Today’s News || National Guard members hunted homeless with paintballs

Members of the Arizona Army National Guard were accused of hunting homeless people with paintballs in “bum hunts,” according to an investigation by The Arizona Republic. Documents allege that on more than 30 occasions, a National Guard recruiter drove new cadets through Phoenix to shoot the homeless with paintballs or make them dance for money. Female recruits claimed they were ordered to flash their breasts at the homeless people, and homeless females were bribed to do the same. The report also details alleged cases of sexual misconduct, forgery and drunk driving by Arizona National Guard members. Since The Arizona Republic report, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has announced a full inquiry. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

I saw this somewhere before in a movie, wait for it 

For most of us we have no idea as van Damme puts so skillfully, what it’s liked to be hunted. This is another example of life imitating art  national guards I’m sure were inspired by van Damme  who in his movies shot at people and got flashed by a lot of boobs. I would imagine that the recruits coming in nowadays were really influenced by the Rock and instead of shooting paintballs  at the homeless will hit them with raised eyebrows and sarcastic remarks and make all the lady recruits execute the most electrifying move in sports entertainment on the homeless: the People’s Elbow


We can no longer ask who watches the watchmen when the watchmen are so across teh board inept. Police National guard now, secret service how many scandals have their been? The question I have is why do they keep employing the same type of goons. to be in positions of power and trust? It happens frequent enough to make me suspect that it cant be random 




    • it really heart breaking that we treat each other so badly. I really dont get it

      Hope you are well 🙂


      • I am well, thank you.

        I feel that if people just took the time to be kind to one another they could see how much life will offer them.


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