Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Man tries to shut crying baby up by showering it with beer

Man holding a pint of beer (© Sally Anscombe/Getty Images)

Crying babies can be so annoying, right? You just want to drown out the sound when there’s one howling nearby. But one man took this sentiment too far at an English pub when a baby at the table next to him started making a fuss — he poured half a pint of beer over its head. And today granddad Danny Polak (those grandkids must live in fear!) appeared in court for marinating the 15-month-old in brew and kicking the angry mom’s backside. The crux of his argument: “You shouldn’t bring kids in a pub.” Kids are welcome in most British pubs during the day, where, apart from their diapers, they normally remain dry. [Source]

Mr Mary Weighs In

The other day I was at a bar and there were two kids running around and screaming as if there was a priest lurking in the dark recesses of the bar just waiting for them to be hit with a craving for sweets or candy. The bar is the place where we all go to take a respite from life and its trail and tribulation, we don’t bring work to the bar, or our demonic or illegitimate children.

With that said I can understand this dudes frustration but to dump beer on a child is to waste beer and there is no excuse for wasting beer. Non whatsoever!What he should have done was to rub some rub on the baby’s gums or administer some NyQuil then sweet talked the mom to get some ass instead of kicking her in the ass



    • Love your name!! Just in case what beer would you like to be showered with ? what your poison/pleasure ?


      • Hmmm … let’s see… Tsing Tao is a favorite. I like Corona too… other than Guiness and McEwen’s Dark, there’s not much I don’t like really 🙂


      • I would recommend a Stone’s Ruination IPA to go with your chili bamboo shoots , they compliment each other nice 🙂 Sapporo or Tsingtao makes a good shower beer !!


      • Maybe I can recommend something else ? But by the way cool blogs, I’m starving just looking at stuff. great pictures too its really set up nicely good job with the blog!!!


      • Thanx … please drop by any time. I always like a good beer but we can’t buy it here and it is very difficult to ship in much beyond mainstream stuff available in Ottawa or Montreal liquor stores. I get to sample new stuff when I go on culinary travels only 😦


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