A Jocular Look @ Todays News || Naked women show fishies love in campaign against overfishing

Whoa, cool those fish down! These samples from the photographic project “Fishlove” are enough to get the temperature rising even of these cold-blooded animals. But the coolest part, we think, isn’t even the sexy models or the intriguing photos, but the fact that it’s for an important cause. Organized by the pro-EU fishery reform group Ocean2012, “Fishlove” pairs nude celebrities with various marine creatures to shed light on the issue of overfishing. According to the group, scientists believe all marine life will essentially disappear from oceans by the middle of the century if nothing changes. English actress Emelia Fox (“The Pianist”), model Lizzy Jagger (Mick Jagger‘s daughter) and Italian-Australian actress Greta Scacchi (“Emma“) are just a few brave ladies to have stripped down for the sake of the fishies. [Source]

Mrmary Weighs In

Poor fish now forever people will associate the smell of fish and nude women with each other

I wonder how dumb are we as a species or a global community that to challenge people to think differently or act in a way that is in their own interest there has to be nudity.  It seems that the people usually nude are women. I do not think that a naked women telling me to buy a large sausage pizza will … well yeah it would. We have over fished the ocean and almost irreparably destroyed the delicate balance of things. I think this belief that comes from the Judeo-Christian legacy where man is separate from nature. That he is fundamentally not a part of it, so Man has every right to abuse it and as a society we have really pillaged and desecrated the earth. There is a serious correlation between the suppression and abuse of Nature and the suppression and abuse of women. They go hand in hand  which I feel makes the image of a women fucking a dead fish all the more poignant.

While I am not a tree hugging hippy or someone who smokes hash and wears shit made from hemp to connect with nature I do wonder about the world our kids or my kids if I ever have any will inherit.  



One thought on “A Jocular Look @ Todays News || Naked women show fishies love in campaign against overfishing

  1. personally i don’t care about the nudity but it is ridiculous to think someone will take you seriously without your clothes on … guys think sex or false outrage lol and women think sex or outrage (outraged because they can’t be naked without someone puking haha)

    is like when PETA wearing lettuce bikinis and boycotting McDs, how about NO … idioti


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