MrMary recaps Baumgartner’s Epic Leap from Space

I think for the10 heart stopping minutes  that Baumgartner made his epic leap from space I was white-knuckling the sides of the toilet. Yet despite being otherwise engaged, I was still very inspired to continue to attempt to do impossible things like mix Samuel Adams Octoberfest, left-over Coleslaw, and Honey Nut Cheerios & milk

New Flash

Standing at the edge of space above the deserts of New Mexico, Felix Baumgartner paused slightly. It was a small step away from the capsule, but a 24-mile drop back down to earth.

“Our guardian angel will take care of you,” said mission control, and the man known as Fearless Felix jumped.

Ten heart-stopping minutes later the Austrian landed back on earth, after reaching speeds of up to 725mph, breaking two world records and probably becoming the world’s first supersonic skydiver.

“We love you Felix,” cheered the control room as his mother, Ava Baumgartner, wept.

Baumgartner, who claimed the records for the highest altitude manned balloon flight and the highest altitude skydive, raised his arms in a victory salute to thank his team.

Quick Snark

I like how the term extreme athlete is used for a men that fell out of a balloon in the sky. If he was doing the running man for the 10 minutes while falling it would make sense to call him and athlete but I’m unconvinced.

Please excuse my snark, Felix Baumgartner really brought a lot of people together and at the end of the day that’s what counts especially since we completely forgot again to include in this sentimental moment people with no internet access, fresh water,  fridge to go raid. But quality over quantity that’s what I say


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