Jocular Look @Todays News || B*tch Get Off My Bus: Driver Uppercuts The Sh*t Outta Teen Girl In Cleveland!

Every once in a while I see something that shocks me. Im from NYC I am not easily shocked but the following video might be the craziest thing I have ever seen. Watch it before I weigh in


MrMary Weighs In



Reaction # 1

I just remembered what country I live in and that there are a swarm of cops at the train station

I would like to apologize to everyone watching. We are all not like that. 

Reaction # 2

LOL – You just knocked the fuck out

Reaction # 3

BOOM!! it’s on, bitch nigga we’ll rock yo dome
BOOM!! bitch what’s happnin’? (WHAT?!)
BOOM!! bitch what’s happnin’? (WHAT?!)

If she didn’t before she will never do well on standardized testing again. Its over she will stutter and move like Muhammad Ali. This reaction totally violates the apology in Reaction one but damn wtf was that. Why am I laughing I have no idea it look almost cartoonish

Reaction # 4

I have had feminist ask me not to open doors for them, and to treat them any differently from how I would treat a man. I wonder of this would count. A dyke picked a fight with me once on a ground 2 train at 149th grand concourse station. The train was crowd and I by accident steps on her and she got in my face like a dude. But because she was a women I let it slide. Of course I outweighed her easily by 120lbs and I can through a solid right cross to the face.

Reaction # 5

Wait he hit her with the Robyn Givens express then threw her ass out the bus. She still came back from that enough to get back into the bus and clinch and try to fight again. I know a lot of dude that would have got hit like that and would have been taken out the game. Holy shit. Props to baby-girl!


One time I got cornered by a gang of women who had razor blades in their mouth yes its that fucking real I was on the R train  going towards Manhattan from 77 street station. I had to use my charm to get out of that situation because I cannot hit a woman. I don’t know what to make out of this video.  I don’t know why I’m laughing either I’ve been awake 24 hours too.


  1. well if you study the video clearly enough without excitement, sad to say but the girl actually physically hit him while he was driving the bus… then he got up and UPPERCUT!! #FREEMYBUSDRIVER
  2. did anyone else get that “mortal combat” vision when they seen this??
  3.  Well, her chin is resting in a better place now, but investigators are still lookin for the weave. Call crimestoppers located  at 888-bitchfindmyweave. once again that number is 888-bitchfindmyweave. rewards are offered.
  5. he knocked her ponytail clean off lmao
  6. if there was no sound and i was watchin this shit i’d think she was bobbin her head to a hova beat lmao….crazy
  7. I told my 7 year old cousin”Look closely, he faked the left to set her up for the uppercut” Big Tisha not gonna fuck with you nooo more
  8. ” Danger” – Yes, lets think about it for one sec. If he is driving a 2 ton vehicle with the average 10 passengers and this young lady decide to come up and push/punch/kick while moving at the speeds of anything over 10mph it would cause a drastic car accident potentially injuring lives of innocent bystanders on the bus and out of the bus. The various angles this case has for his defense is far beyond hers.
  9. im raised the old skool way, her first mistake was talkin outta line anyway, second one was puttin hands on him, 3rd the bus was in motion lol what she got was well deserved and i dont agree with hitting women but i must admit, ive never laughed so hard in my life lol
  10. I don’t give a fuck if she was a child. She attacked first, and he defended himself. Ya’ll women think that you’re above everybody. I have respect for all the women in the world, but if a bitch assaults me, I’m treating her like a man.

One comment

  1. It’s hard to tell what this was all about — what she did to the driver, and why. Whatever it was, your point number 8 deals with it. But she got back up, and you have to give her that. I thought she was dead.


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